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Now live—Carbon Call, a critical initiative that’s uniting decision makers to mobilize action and investment to achieve global net zero.

The road to net zero

With Australia committing to net zero emissions by 2050, our journey to a sustainable future will be spearheaded by innovation. Organisations of all sizes are committed to innovating and investing in new technologies to reach their own net zero goals. But for the nation to achieve its ambition, the road to net zero must be paved by action as well as good intentions.

Graphic showing 68% are suffering from a delivery deficit

68% are suffering from a delivery deficit

The majority of organisations have set strong sustainability goals but lack the resources to follow through.

Graphic showing 34% will miss net zero

34% will miss net zero

Most organisations have committed to net zero by 2050, but over a third are expected to miss their targets.

Graphic showing 43% are short on sustainability skills

43% are short on sustainability skills 

Close to half of organisations lack the in-house expertise they need to put their sustainability strategies into practice.

Graphic showing 49% are failing to invest in sustainable tech

49% are failing to invest in sustainable tech

80% of business leaders say innovation is key to sustainability – but just half are investing in the necessary technology.

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Most Australian organisations have committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. But how are they tracking against their sustainability goals? Where are they excelling? What challenges are they facing? How do industries compare? And what steps do climate experts and sustainability consultants recommend organisations take to accelerate their paths to net zero?

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Industry net zero pathways

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The retail experience

As Australia pledges to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, how can the retail sector best navigate its way to a sustainable future? Deep dive into how retailers are tracking on their transition to net zero, and get advice from experts and organisations in the retail sector on specific challenges and next steps.

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Focusing on financial services

The financial services sector has already taken a number of actions to reduce emissions, but it still has plenty of work to do in order to meet 2050 net zero targets. So how can the financial services sector shrink its carbon footprint? What are the challenges and next steps this sector needs to take to achieve a sustainable future?

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Meet the Australian organisations spearheading sustainability 

Businesses and government organisations are investing in an innovation-powered net zero future, using Microsoft technologies to drive change across industries and communities.

Vulnerable Pacific Islands look to data to cope with disasters and help heal the environment

The tiny islands of the Pacific face big environmental challenges and constant threats from natural disasters. They have built a new platform called Digital Earth Pacific on Microsoft’s powerful Planetary Computer to help find solutions.

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the tiny islands of the Pacific face big environmental challenges and constant threats from natural disasters.
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Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Record your footprint, connecting data to discover emissions across your organisation. Report your progress, communicating your environmental impact and progress in near real time. Reduce your emissions, with insights on how to make lasting change. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is now available for preview.

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Our journey

At Microsoft, we are working to remove the equivalent of all our historic carbon emissions by 2050. It’s an audacious goal and we don’t have all the answers, but we hope that by sharing our story – the why and how of what we do – we can support other organisations to realise their own sustainability ambitions.

Our journey

Solutions to support your journey

No matter where your organisation is on the road to net zero, Microsoft’s solutions can help you move forward.


Innovate for net zero

Find out how Microsoft technology can accelerate your organisation’s sustainability journey.

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Practise responsible procurement

Verify the sustainability of your technology supply chain with Microsoft Devices Sustainability Report.

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Realise your sustainability goals

Discover videos, whitepapers, reports and other resources to support your sustainability journey.

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