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Empower your flexible workforce

Maximize your IT investment and empower people to work securely—even on personal devices—with a Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) device strategy enabled by Windows 365.

What is BYOPC?

BYOPC is a deployment strategy that provides employees the flexibility to access corporate applications, services, and data from the device of their choice.

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Who can benefit from BYOPC?

BYOPC is a great fit for flexible workers and contractors who will only be employed for a short time. IT teams should consider a BYOPC strategy for the following types of workers:

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Flexible and remote workers

People who frequently transition from the office to remote work locations and need secure, continuous access to company resources.

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Temporary and seasonal workers

Contractors who are hired to meet planned surges in demand, or those who may enter and exit the organization frequently.

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Students, interns, and trainees

People who only need short-term access to company resources can bring their own laptop.

Benefits of BYOPC

Organizations of all sizes are catching up to the needs of flexible and temporary employees. BYOPC—a strategy designed to maximize existing IT resources—can help enable flexible work scenarios.

Support flexible workers

Provide a familiar, personalized computing experience that can be securely accessed on any device and from any location.

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The e-book titled The Essential Guide to Bring Your Own PC

The Essential Guide to Bring Your Own PC

Read this e-book to discover how a BYOPC strategy can help your organization empower hybrid workers and maintain productivity without overwhelming your IT department.

Your Windows in the cloud

Maximize your existing IT investment and make BYOPC a reality for your organization with Windows 365—your Windows in the cloud.

Secure by design

Provide secure access to your organization’s apps and data with a protected, compliant Windows experience on Windows 365 Cloud PCs. Mitigate endpoint security risk, embrace proactive Zero Trust security, and improve regulatory compliance and IP protection.

Productivity on any device

Equip your employees with Windows 365 Cloud PCs to help them be productive and perform at their best. Safely facilitate versatile work models, get new employees up to speed quickly, and support your team with personalized Windows experiences across devices.

Manage more with less

Easily deploy and manage Windows 365 Cloud PCs using your existing tools and team, maximizing your technology investment. Reduce costs and manage budgets with predictable pricing options and set up a single Cloud PC—or thousands—in a few steps.

IT dollars go further with Windows 365

"The cost savings, agility, and security posture improvements that ESG verified would benefit most companies. ESG strongly suggests you consider Windows 365.”

—Enterprise Strategy Group, 20221

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Enable other scenarios with Windows 365

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Temporary workers

Get short-term team members up and running quickly with secure access to company resources, apps, and computing power.

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Data security

Secure your flexible work environment and mitigate risk by centralizing data and access in the cloud.

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Get started with Windows 365

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