Identity is the new control plane

Powered by the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph

With Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, conditional access gets rich signals gathered from across Microsoft's various consumer- and business-facing interests. It then converts them to actionable risk-based policies.

Comprehensive yet flexible policies with granular controls

Conditional access can define powerful policies to help secure user or group access to applications based on a variety of conditions.

Protect access to apps on-premises and in the cloud

Use conditional access to extend your cloud-powered protection to your on-premises apps in one swift move with Azure Active Directory.

Bolster the safety of your user credentials

Conditional access + Azure Active Directory Identity Protection detects vulnerabilities and risky accounts, investigates risk events, and creates risk-based policies.

Enable conditional access for your partners and customers

Extend the same device, location, app, and risk-based protection to guest users as well as customer access to your apps.

Built in and not bolted on to the rest of your security solutions

Conditional access deeply integrates with solutions across Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security to provide greater control and flexibility across data, device, and app access scenarios. Try it now.

What is conditional access

Azure Active Directory dashboard screen.

Get started with conditional access

In more than 63 percent of data breaches, attackers gain corporate network access through weak, default, or stolen user credentials. Conditional access focuses on securing the user identity. It slams the door on credential theft by managing and protecting your identities, whether privileged or non-privileged.

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