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Microsoft Security
Identity and network access

Secure access to everything

Safeguard access for any identity, anywhere, to AI, apps, and resources across on-premises and clouds with a unified identity and network access solution.

Provide seamless, secured access

  • Protect your hybrid workforce, customers, and non-human workload identities with the only solution that provides unified, multilayered identity and network access security.
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  • Automate identity governance to give any user or workload just the right level of access to any multicloud or on-premises resource or app, with full visibility and data-driven remediation.
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  • Reduce complexity and shorten time to value by extending Conditional Access policies and access controls across identity, endpoint, and network.
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  • Improve the experience for your users with easy, self-service access to what they need—and save time for your admin team with automation and AI capabilities in Microsoft Copilot.
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Strong protections that work together

Microsoft Entra ID

Block identity and password attacks in real time and get machine learning–powered insights into user risks.

Microsoft Entra ID Governance

Ensure everyone has access to the right resources while maintaining tight control over security and compliance.

Copilot for Security

Amplify your security and IT team’s impact with natural-language guidance to make completing workflows easier.

Plan your secure access journey

Build a more secure future by extending industry-leading identity and network access protections across every aspect of your business.

Build in better security

Modernize access to resources and data across on-premises and cloud using phishing-resistant authentication and risk-based adaptive policies.
Azure AD Passwordless Video
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A powerful trust fabric

Unify granular access controls, prevent identity attacks, ensure least-privilege access, and boost efficiency when you secure access with Microsoft Security.
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Discover your return on Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra delivered a 240% return on investment (ROI) in a 2023 study.1
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Protect everything

Make your future more secure. Explore your security options today.
[1] The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Entra, a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Microsoft, Forrester Consulting, March 2023.

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