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Explore how biopharma is bringing together data and AI for new therapies with better outcomes.

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A pharmaceutical employee wearing PPE looking at a vial of liquid.

Life sciences

Discover how the Microsoft Cloud is helping life sciences organizations accelerate research and development, build greater operational agility, and create more resilient supply chains.

Accelerate innovation for life sciences

Build a more sustainable future and transform your organization by unlocking innovation, digitally empowering your workforce, and driving operational efficiency through life sciences insights and AI.

Accelerate R&D innovation

Modernize discovery, development, and quality system processes to remove barriers to new product development.

Build operational agility

Drive new levels of agility, automation, and productivity using AI/ML, and cloud-based computing.

Create resilient supply chains

Build end-to-end supply chain visibility and predictability through data insights and improved asset tracking.

Empower next-gen commercial engagement

Equip teams with better tools for customer engagement, both virtually and in person.

Enhance patient and provider experience

Ensure secure, accessible, and quality experiences throughout the care journey.

What sets the Microsoft Cloud apart

  • A healthcare professional wearing protective eyewear and working with a handheld device.

    Enhance productivity and modernize R&D processes

    Develop products faster by leveraging AI/ML and high-performance computing to open innovation and transform your product lifecycle management and development.

    A hand wearing a medical glove interacting with charts on a laptop.

    Drive faster clinical advancements

    Advance research by analyzing Omics data and transforming your discoveries into new protocols for precision medicine.

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  • A person wearing protective eyewear working with a machine.

    Create an agile factory of the future

    Streamline factory operations and scale-up for new modalities of therapy by deploying cloud technologies to drive productivity and reduce downtimes.

    Three people huddled around a tablet displaying charts.

    Connect people, products, and processes

    Gain better visibility into end-to-end supply chain status, and support productivity goals through increased automation for more complex products.

    A person wearing HoloLens 2 working on a large piece of machinery.

    Optimize manufacturing processes with AI

    Improve production efficiency and reduce downtime—without requiring data scientists—using AI-powered automation.

    Hands typing on a laptop.

    Increase GxP compliance and responses

    Use big data and smart analytics to help you meet regulatory scrutiny within processes and data integrity.

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  • A person wearing a hard hat and vest working in a factory with pallets of product.

    Improve supply chain resilience and minimize disruption

    Connect internal and external supply chain, partner, and market data to optimize your planning, and inventory visibility.

    A person wearing a facemask and protective ear covers assessing a stack of items.

    Build more predictability in your operations

    Unify data across systems in your supply chain to predict customer demand and consistently deliver products on time with near real-time production planning.

    Hands using a tablet to assess data displayed in charts and graphs.

    Better forecasting and inventory planning

    Use AI to automate and elevate fulfillment with rule-based orchestration.

    A view looking upwards inside of a large glass building.

    Integrate for more agility

    Discover and connect to sustainability data to measure against goals, reduce waste and enable intelligent insights to take more effective action.

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  • An in-person meeting where a presenter is explaining data that is being displayed on a TV.

    Digitally enable your workforce with smart solutions

    Empower your next-generation workforce, equipping them with the skills and tools to keep up with new complexities and speed of digital engagement.

    Three people having a conversation and looking at a laptop.

    Streamline sales and service to improve customer engagement and profit margins

    Help your sellers keep pace with your complex product and service portfolio.

    A person sitting at their desk working on a desktop monitor.

    Gain visibility into products and services

    Enable teams to exceed service expectations by predicting, detecting and resolving service issues before their customers even know there’s a problem.

    A Teams video call between a patient and a healthcare professional.

    Enable people and teams to be productive from anywhere

    Connect frontline workers, office workers, partners, and customers with secure collaboration and information management tools needed to support hybrid work.

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  • A person sitting on a couch using their tablet for a Teams video call with healthcare professionals.

    Improve provider and patient engagement

    Support personalized engagement, education, adherence, and demonstrate real-world impact by helping your marketers, sellers, and service agents understand the customer while engaging remotely and digitally across channels.

    A healthcare professional on a Teams call on their laptop.

    Drive meaningful actions

    Bring together transactional, behavioral, and demographic data to create an AI-infused, 360-degree view of your patients.

    A healthcare professional holding up a tablet displaying data to a room of colleagues.

    Better support physicians in patient care

    Leverage AI-driven communication and engagement platforms.

    Two healthcare professionals using a Surface Hub to speak to colleagues over a Teams video call.

    Understand the patient journey

    Get an end-to-end view of the patient across disparate datasets to predict potential drop-offs in care and improve payor authorization of treatment where needed.

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Learn more about the Microsoft Cloud

Deliver better experiences, insights, and care by combining Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 using Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Learn about Microsoft products for healthcare


Improve patient engagement, health team collaboration, and clinical insights.

Dynamics 365

Connect people, data, and processes to accelerate innovation.


Accelerate diagnoses and improve surgical accuracy.

Microsoft 365

Optimize care while also improving patient safety and reducing costs.

Microsoft Teams

Enable simple, secure collaboration and communication in a single hub.

Power Platform

Uncover data-driven insights that improve clinical decision-making with Power BI.

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