Empower users with seamless identity experiences

Provide an easy, fast sign-in experience to keep your workforce more secure, reduce time managing passwords, and increase user productivity.

Benefits of seamless user experiences

Grant your employees, guests, customers, and frontline workers identity experiences spanning onboarding, productivity, security, self-service, and seamless access.

Improve productivity

A simpler authentication experience across the web and mobile devices means easier access for users.

Reduce IT friction

Providing self-service identity management can reduce calls to IT and prevent users seeking risky workarounds.

Help keep access secure

Reducing dependency on passwords and prompting users for extra verification on high-risk access improves your security posture.

"Microsoft helped Walmart roll out secure, self-service password reset to more than 2.5 million users to reduce help desk calls."

Seamless user experiences in Azure AD

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) provides a single control plane for IT to enable and help secure their breadth of user experiences from a universal identity-management platform.

Single sign-on

Ensure users only need one set of credentials and have fewer prompts for sign in.

Multifactor authentication

Provide robust, verified access to resources with strong authentication.

Passwordless authentication

Provide seamless user access without the risk of passwords.

User self-service portals

Give users the ability to change or reset their password and manage their identity with no administrator or help desk involvement.

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Improve app discoverability and launch

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Safeguard your organization with a seamless identity solution