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Manage user access. Protect critical resources

Retain and expand your existing IT systems while taking advantage of the control, visibility, and security capabilities of a universal cloud identity platform.

Benefits of unified identity management

Greater control

Provide more secure access to apps in any cloud or datacenter across your hybrid environment.

Efficient for admins

Simplify identity management of employees, partners, and customers with a single cloud control plane.

Ecosystem friendly

Improve interoperability with your existing infrastructure by using unified identity services built upon open standards.

Why is unifying identity management important?

A central identity control plane helps organizations consolidate security tools and services, reduce their on-premises footprint, and simplify touchpoints for IT.

More about unified identity management

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The foundation of digital transformation

Bridging on-premises and cloud identity directories into a single unified infrastructure is your first step in modernizing your IT systems.

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Think beyond employee identity

Designing for identity management beyond your organizational boundaries improves productivity and drives deeper customer relationships.

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Adopt open identity standards

Building your identity with open standards in mind creates paths for interoperability and enhanced user security.

Unified identity management from the cloud

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution. Gain access to on-premises and cloud apps with more secure authentication, and manage all your identities with a robust set of capabilities.

External Identities

Allow people outside your organization to access your apps and resources, while letting them sign in using their preferred identity.

Hybrid identity

Synchronize on-premises and cloud directories to provide a common identity for users.

User and group management

Scale application access management and security policies assignment with efficient user administration.

Device management

Help protect your organization’s assets while allowing users to access them from anywhere.

Managed identities

Automatically manage, rotate, and protect credentials for Azure resources.

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