Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge
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Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge

Learn. Compete. Develop skills with this self-paced technical upskilling challenge.

For Teams For Individuals Toolkit

What is the Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge?

The Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge is a fun, free and interactive skilling program that provides you with access to Microsoft skilling resources for your specific solution area! Gain access to Microsoft learn paths, virtual training days and a virtual leaderboard to compete with peers in the industry.

The Cloud Skills Challenge helps to skill you on Microsoft cloud technologies via a gamified experience utilizing Microsoft Learn content. 

For Teams

Perfect for teams within an organization looking to skill up on Microsoft cloud technologies, this program provides you with access to a custom leaderboard for your employees to learn and compete against one another in a gamified skilling experience.

For Individuals

Perfect for working professionals, new-in-career individuals and students looking to skill up on Microsoft cloud technologies. You will gain access to a public leaderboard where you can compete with peers in your industry!


Looking for a custom skilling program for your organization for a specific Microsoft learn path that is not available in the current offering? Request a Cloud Skills Challenge Toolkit and build a custom experience for your organization