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Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge Toolkit

Learn. Compete. Win with a customized technical upskilling challenge toolkit for your organization.

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Using Microsoft Learn, our free, hands-on, self-paced, digital learning platform.

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Compete within your team and earn badges. Track your progress through a custom team leaderboard.

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Award your learners with access to prizes in our Cloud Skills Challenge toolkit

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What is the Cloud Skills Challenge toolkit?

Help your employees upgrade their skills while taking part in some fun and friendly competition. With the free Cloud Skills Challenge toolkit, you can set up a customized learning challenge within your organization using Microsoft’s digital learning platform, Microsoft Learn.

This toolkit includes:

  • An online leaderboard customized for your organization to track the total points earned on Microsoft Learn
  • A custom registration page for your employees to participate in your organization’s challenge
  • Challenge kick-off material with details on your challenge
  • Access to prizes to award your organization’s learners

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a free, online training platform that provides hands-on, interactive learning for products and services within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Self-paced learning paths

Explore topics in-depth through guided paths or learn how to accomplish a specific task through individual modules.

300+ guided modules

Discover the power of the Microsoft ecosystem and start your learning journey today by exploring the large selection of learning paths and modules.

Hands-on learning

Microsoft Learn helps you discover new skills, find certifications, and advance your career in minutes with interactive, hands-on learning.

Start your Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge today

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Reach out to us to request a toolkit to setup a Cloud Skills Challenge for your organization.

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Microsoft will respond with a cloud skills challenge toolkit customized for your organization with the following to share with your participants:

  • Custom registration link
  • Custom Leaderboard
  • Challenge kick off material
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Award your learners. With the Cloud Skills Challenge toolkit, you get access to prizes for your organization.

Send an email to cscdevca@microsoft.com to setup your challenge for your team today.