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Microsoft privacy and GDPR resources

White papers and documents

Discover more information to get started with GDPR and how it relates to Microsoft products and industries.

Get started with GDPR

Get started: GDPR accountability

Five things to know about GDPR

Shared responsibility

GDPR for Small Business

Microsoft products and GDPR

GDPR compliance and Microsoft 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 compliance

GDPR compliance with Microsoft Azure

Compliance with Power Apps

Industries and GDPR

GDPR and HIPAA compliance

More on GDPR

Safeguard privacy with Microsoft cloud

Thriving in the GDPR era

GDPR blogs

Microsoft’s commitment to GDPR

The Microsoft commitment to GDPR, privacy, and putting customers in control of their own data.

Safeguard privacy rights

Learn how to safeguard individual privacy rights under GDPR with the Microsoft intelligent cloud.

EU cross-border data flows

Read about Microsoft’s new commitments to support customers, in managing data through their global networks

Partner resources

Find a partner

We have several global GDPR partners offering Microsoft-based solutions to meet GDPR requirements.

Meet GDPR privacy obligations

Enhance your capabilities to support the privacy rights of individuals.

Additional privacy resources

Privacy at Microsoft

Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement

Microsoft Online Services Product Terms

Microsoft Data Protection Addendum

Our promise to you 

In our enduring commitment to the principles above, we are transparent about the specific policies, operational practices, and technologies that help ensure the privacy of your data in every Microsoft commercial cloud service.   


And we don’t just state these promises—we contractually guarantee them in our standard contracts for commercial and public sector customers.    

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