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FastTrack engagements are tailored to meet your deployment needs, by using a proven approach of Envision, Onboard, and Drive Value.

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Identify and prioritize scenarios while learning about available resources as you plan for rollout. This stage is critical to your journey, as you’re setting business goals to measure success.


During the Onboard stage, you work remotely with the FastTrack team and/or your partner. Together, you ready your environment and get a project plan in place to start the process of moving to the cloud.

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Drive Value

Lasting cloud services success depends on usage and satisfaction. Achieving this success requires planning and execution through the Envision and Onboard phases, and ongoing operational excellence.

FastTrack Microsoft 365 journey resources

Business Value program

Explore the power of digital transformation in your workplace.

Success plans

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Find a qualified partner

Connect with trusted Microsoft solution providers.

Productivity Library

Discover simple examples to get the most out of Microsoft 365.

Adoption resources

Simplify and accelerate your adoption.


Get answers to commonly asked questions with our FAQ.
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One of the most important factors in driving Dynamics 365 adoption is to define a clear, concise, and comprehensive success plan and outline your desired business scenarios.


When you participate in the FastTrack program, you will receive guidance on how to plan for successful Dynamics 365 rollouts at your own pace with Microsoft engineers.

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Drive Value

FastTrack resources can help you increase adoption by raising awareness about the value Dynamics 365 can bring to day-to-day activities.

FastTrack Dynamics 365 journey resources

Adoption Awareness kit

Replace images, edit text, and use your own logo to match your system and communication style.

Customer Engagement overview

Read the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement service description overview.

Unified Operations overview

Review the Dynamics 365 Unified Operations service description overview.

Find a qualified partner

Connect with trusted Microsoft solution providers.

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