Getting started with Azure Front Door

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Whether you’re delivering content and files or building global apps and APIs, Azure Front Door can help you deliver higher availability, lower latency, greater scale, and more secure experiences to your users wherever they are.

Azure Front Door is Microsoft’s modern cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) that provides fast, reliable, and secure access between your users and your applications’ static and dynamic web content across the globe. Azure Front Door delivers your content using the Microsoft’s global edge network with hundreds of global and local POPs distributed around the world close to both your enterprise and consumer end users.

Getting started with Azure Front Door

Suppose you work for an organisation that hosts several critical public-facing consumer applications in Azure. You want to ensure your applications are highly available and perform well. In addition, you want to ensure they’re protected by appropriate security measures.

In the past, you might have used a CDN to help ensure your application’s availability and performance. You also might have implemented features to help manage security, such as a web application firewall. However, with Azure Front Door you can combine these components into a single entity with simple pricing.

Kickstart your Azure Front Door learning journey

Whether you’re a developer or simply someone who wants to get a feel for what Azure Front Door is all about, there are plenty of learning resources out there.

You can also find further learning resources on the Azure Front Door learning resources page.

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