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This information is provided for summary purposes only. In the event of a conflict between the Microsoft Complete contract Terms and Conditions and the information on this page, the Microsoft Complete contract Terms and Conditions supersede and apply. For more details on the insurer (where applicable), features and benefits of the cover and how to make a claim, please visit here for a copy of the Microsoft Complete contract.
Fulfillment of technical support and device services are provided by Microsoft and not by any of the aforementioned parties.
Microsoft Complete is available for Surface Go, Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, Surface Studio, Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X and must be purchased at time of device purchase or within 45 days after purchase with Device inspection. In European countries, Microsoft Complete must be purchased from the same Retailer from which the original Device was purchased.
1For Microsoft Complete for Surface: Accidental Damage cover (AD) is limited to damage resulting from dropping the covered product, spilling liquid onto it or screen/glass breakage of product. For covered defects and/or AD damage, maximum of two (2) claims. Each claim is subject to a deductible as set out in the contract Terms and Conditions and/or PDS.
1For Microsoft Complete for Xbox: Accidental Damage cover (AD) is limited to damage resulting from dropping the covered product or spilling liquid onto it. For mechanical breakdowns and/or AD covered claims, maximum of: one (1) Xbox console replacement; two (2) Xbox One standard controller replacements OR one (1) Xbox Elite Controller replacement (whichever is applicable to your purchase); and one (1) associated power supply unit with attaching cords replacement, when such are originally supplied by Microsoft within a single, all-in-one packaged purchase.
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