Microsoft Adaptive Hub, Buttons, Mouse, Tail, thumb support and various 3D printed designs.

Coming Autumn 2022

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories

A new ecosystem of adaptive accessories from Microsoft. Create a set-up unique to you.

This device has not yet been authorized under Directive 2014/53/EU; actual sale and delivery is contingent on compliance with EU requirements.

Accessible by design

Explore the highly adaptable, easy-to-use ecosystem that lets you configure, 3D print and customise your own mouse, keyboard inputs and shortcuts – empowering you to create your ideal set-up, increase productivity and use your favourite apps more effectively.

Create a mouse unique to you

Discover the mouse you can customise by attaching a Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb Support, or 3D printing to make a mouse that truly works for you. This versatile system was created for people who can’t use a traditional mouse, and anyone who wants to increase their PC productivity.

Create custom inputs without a keyboard

Augment traditional keyboards with the adaptable hub that supports wireless buttons and wired switches that put you in control, allowing you to easily create your own custom inputs.

Accessible services and solutions

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