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Microsoft for public safety and justice

Make data-informed decisions to increase safety, accountability, and transparency in communities.
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Improve mission outcomes with AI

Amplify your organization's performance, efficiency, and impact with AI-powered solutions.

Transform emergency response

Improve preparedness and secure mission-critical operations and data to boost collaboration.

Enhance investigations and analysis

Automate data acquisition, processing, analysis, and access in a secure, compliant environment.

Modernize court operations

Digitize court procedures to expedite proceedings in a convenient, secure, and transparent way.

Reimagine offender management

Deliver secure digital justice solutions to support rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.

Achieve more with trusted solutions

Accelerate innovation in public safety and justice with industry-leading technology and solutions.
  • Increase transparency and community engagement using comprehensive public safety data insights and multiple sources of communication.
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  • Enhance cross-agency and multi-jurisdictional collaboration to improve first responder situational awareness during an incident.
    A police officer observes firefighters near a red helicopter at an emergency scene.
  • Maintain operational oversight of planned and unplanned events at the edge through system integration, data visualization, and operational resilience.
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  • Deliver resilient and secure emergency operations center capabilities that support AI-powered data sharing insights to inform response.
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Learn how agencies are innovating

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Explore more justice solutions

Find public safety and justice offerings from the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

Learn about Microsoft products

Reimagine public safety and justice with trusted products from Microsoft.

Discover valuable resources

A focused female detective with a badge leans over a desk in a dimly lit office, examining documents
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Get insights about cybersecurity in the era of generative AI

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Achieve more in public safety

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