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Learn how Microsoft + Nuance unite powerful AI with a trusted and comprehensive cloud.

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Build your future with Microsoft + Nuance

Address your industry’s greatest challenges with outcomes-focused AI solutions from Microsoft + Nuance that scale easily on a secure global platform.

Innovate for a brighter tomorrow

Together, Microsoft + Nuance offer the AI solutions you need to drive better decision-making, improve customer and employee experiences, create more meaningful connections, and produce tangible results.

A customer service representative working at their desk.

Accelerate business outcomes

Improve employee productivity, accelerate time to market, enhance experiences, and generate new revenue while reducing costs.

A medical professional looking at x-rays on a computer.

Solve industry's biggest challenges

Automate processes and tasks to help alleviate employee burnout while also exceeding evolving customer expectations in healthcare, retail, telecom, and financial services.

A doctor shaking hands with a patient in bed.

Amplify your impact

Strengthen and scale your ability to help others. Make your services available to more customers and patients to transform the future of work and care.

Improve customer engagement with a digital contact center

Deliver personalized customer experiences, improve agent productivity, and help safeguard customer interactions with a solution that empowers healthcare, retail, telecom, and financial services organizations to achieve better business outcomes.

Improve self-service through automation

Learn how AI can increase customer and agent satisfaction.

Optimize retail experiences

VF Corporation is reshaping how people engage with its brands.

Reimagine the patient-provider experience in healthcare

Learn how AI solutions from Microsoft + Nuance are helping providers engage with patients more effectively at every stage of the health and wellness journey.

A person analyzing brain scans being displayed on two monitors.

Explore Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare + Nuance

Deliver better experiences, insights, and care with the help of trusted cloud technology and outcomes-focused AI.

A medical professional smiling at a patient.

Discover conversational and ambient AI

See how Dragon Medical One and Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) support clinicians from pre-charting through post-visit with workflow assistance and automated clinical documentation.

Providence building.

Transform the journey for patients and providers

Providence is using AI to not only enhance patient care and coordination but to also help alleviate provider burnout.

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