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Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Design, build, and operate with AI.
Engineer inspecting electronic components in a high-tech laboratory setting.
Two individuals using augmented reality headsets to interact with virtual data displays in an industrial environment.
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Manufacture a sustainable future

Address challenging digital transformation initiatives and build resilience with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing.

Unlock innovation and introduce new products

Embrace new design and manufacturing paradigms and prepare for the future with the industrial metaverse.

Create resilient supply chains

Ensure business continuity and reduce risk with a secure, agile, connected supply chain that provides always-on visibility.

Enable intelligent factories

Automate manufacturing, ensure safe and reliable production, and empower your workforce with the power of industrial IoT, data, and AI.

Modernize customer experiences

Increase customer satisfaction, profitability, and product lifespan with new digital tools for service operations.

Achieve more with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Accelerate innovation, optimize operations, empower workers, and enhance customer experiences.
  • Uncover insights for production optimization by creating a unified IT-OT data estate and getting manufacturing data ready for AI with manufacturing data solutions in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Enable natural language querying of unified IT and OT data with manufacturing data solutions in Microsoft Fabric.
  • Predict maintenance issues within the factory and automate complex quality inspection processes with AI-powered solutions.
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Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Get industry-specific solutions that include:

  • Data solutions, copilot templates, and connectors.
  • AI solutions that transform how you design and build products, run your operations, and empower workers.
  • Access to our extensive partner ecosystem.
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See how manufacturers are transforming

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Industrial metaverse

A set of converging technologies integrating the physical and digital worlds through dynamic environments to help visualize, simulate, and optimize industrial products, processes, and operations.

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Two professionals discussing work on a laptop in an industrial setting.
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Accelerate Future Transformation with the Industrial Metaverse

A person analyzing statistical data on a laptop screen next to printed reports.
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Industrial Transformation in the Era of AI

A technician wearing safety glasses carefully adjusts equipment in a laboratory setting.
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The Manufacturing Transformation


Start achieving more in manufacturing

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Read Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing documentation

Learn how to make the most of Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing with online training, how-to articles, and other resources.

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