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Save costs and drive efficiency with next-generation AI on the frontline. 

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Empower your frontline workers while increasing operational efficiency

Simplify processes, unify communication tools, and engage frontline workers in a secure, all-in-one platform with Microsoft 365.

Four frontline workers using tablets.

Enhance communication and collaboration

Connect frontline workers with the right people, tools, and knowledge to help them get the job done more efficiently.

Transform the frontline worker experience

Encourage frontline workers to build new skills and engage in an inclusive company culture.

Improve frontline operational efficiency

Automate processes with digital workflows that connect to systems of record and create a unified platform for your workforce.

Safeguard your business

Simplify and reinforce secure access management across endpoints and devices with advanced security features.

Get more out of your frontline

Increase your frontline worker productivity and operational efficiency by doing more with less. Improve frontline worker engagement, strengthen security, and streamline communication all in one place.
Three mobile phones displaying the Walkie Talkie app, a Shifts calendar and a dashboard for a user in Teams.

Stay connected to your frontline

Sixty-three percent of frontline managers say messages from leadership never reach them.1 With Microsoft 365, frontline managers say they are more connected with every member of their leadership and their team.

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A United Airlines plane on the runway

United Airlines

“If we didn’t have Teams, this mission would have involved hundreds of emails and phone calls. Would we have completed the missions? Yes, but it would have been nowhere near the product and level of collaboration we delivered with Teams.”

– Harel Magaritz, Managing Director of Network Operation Center, Daily Operation, United Airlines

A hallway in a doctor’s office with multiple doors leading to exam rooms

Surrey and Borders Partnership

“Building on Microsoft Power Platform has been an extremely efficient way to deliver the customized solutions we need for staff and those who use our services, quickly and cost effectively.”

– Mike Cavaye, Deputy Chief Digital and Information Officer, Surrey and Borders Partnership

A clothing store with mannequins and other displays

River Island

“We’ve embraced Microsoft Teams on Samsung devices to open up communication with our frontline staff and have already seen a positive impact on customer service.”

– Paul Cooper, Head of Technology, River Island

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Get started with Microsoft 365 for frontline workers

The commissioned study titled The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams For Frontline Workers

Microsoft Teams for frontline workers

Discover the cost savings and business benefits enabled by using Teams for frontline workers in this commissioned study by Forrester Consulting.2

A person breaking out from a mold, wearing a mask and using a mobile phone

A more connected future for frontline workers

Explore how to reduce the stress of frontline workers with new technology that bridges communication gaps, provides training, and improves employee engagement and wellbeing.

Improve frontline worker engagement

Learn more about how to engage frontline workers to perform better with less.

Simplify scheduling with shift management software

See how organizations are switching from outdated spreadsheets to more versatile staffing solutions with some of the most up-to-date employee scheduling software on the market.

Two workers wearing orange safety vests working in a warehouse

Learn why workforce management is important

Explore why workforce management is essential to your organization and see what’s possible with available solutions.

Frontline worker assisting two travelers with baggage in an airport and using a Surface device to do so.

Streamline software to empower your frontline workers

Frontline workers have been traditionally underserved by technology, yet they represent the majority of the workforce.

Two male factory workers wearing safety glasses looking at monitor screen in manufacturing plant. The man in back is using his right-hand finger to point at screen, which shows grid chart with factory error log.

Drive frontline technology adoption

Follow eight best practices will to help you increase the adoption of new technology among your frontline workers.

On-demand webinar

Unlock the Power of Your Frontline

Learn what frontline workers are saying about the new world of work and how Microsoft can help you empower these crucial workers with key insights from our work trend index.

Five people in an office standing around a long table with papers and laptops having a meeting

Get started

A coffeeshop employee using a tablet

Teams for frontline communication

Chat, meet, share files, and collaborate with business apps in a shared workspace with features like Walkie Talkie, Tasks Management, and Shift Management.

A doctor working at their desk on a laptop

Teams for healthcare workers

Improve health team collaboration and enhance patient engagement with telehealth workflows like scheduling, reminders, innovative mobile experiences, and connection to electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Two people having a conversation

Microsoft Viva Connections

Learn how Viva Connections provides every employee with a personalized destination to discover relevant news, conversations, and the tools they need to succeed.

A person using a laptop

Microsoft Viva Engage

Learn how the Viva Engage app in Teams helps organizations build community, spark engagement, share knowledge, and build personal networks.

A pharmacy employee smiling

Power Automate for Microsoft 365

Streamline repetitive tasks and processes by utilizing enhanced workflows with AI, drag-and-drop tools, and task mining processors—all while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Windows 365 Frontline

See how Windows 365 Frontline makes it easy and affordable to extend Cloud PCs to shift workers.​

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Talk with a Microsoft sales specialist.

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