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Microsoft Security
Privacy and risk management

Protect privacy and mitigate risk

Use AI and automation to identify regulatory and compliance challenges, manage response to incidents, and comply with both regulatory and corporate policies.

Build a compliant and productive workplace

  • Detect and reduce risk related to data accumulation, data overexposure, and inappropriate communications.
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  • Identify and manage data related to an incident and respond efficiently.
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  • Stay compliant by protecting privacy and sensitive data across the data estate.
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  • Analyze large amounts of data, prioritize action, and mitigate risk.
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Market statistics

The case for modernization

For many organizations, managing compliance and privacy programs is inefficient and time consuming, which increases the risk of regulatory fines or failing an audit.

Explore risk management and privacy products

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery

Discover and manage your data in place to efficiently respond to legal matters and internal investigations.

Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle and Records Management

Meet your legal, business, privacy, and regulatory obligations with powerful data governance and records management tools.

Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance

Foster safe and compliant communication by detecting sensitive or inappropriate content across your organization.

Microsoft Priva

Elevate your privacy posture, keep customer data private, and streamline compliance processes.

Remain compliant and secure

Manage risks and privacy with a unified, AI-powered solution.

Protect Unstructured Data with Microsoft Purview

Learn how to proactively classify unknown data, assess risks, and quickly respond to investigations.
Customer stories

How customers manage risk and compliance

More solutions

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Data security

Safeguard your sensitive data

Discover and protect sensitive data, manage insider risk, and prevent data loss.
AI for cybersecurity

Amplify team effectiveness with AI

Empower security teams to catch what others miss, outpace adversaries, and gain new skills.
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Cloud security

Secure all your clouds

Protect your multicloud resources, workloads, and apps.

Get started

Grow your future, stay compliant, manage risks, and protect privacy.

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