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A user’s options of OKRs in Viva Goals

Inspire people and organizations to achieve their potential

Align people’s work to team and organizational goals with Microsoft Viva.

Empower teams to accomplish more together with Viva


Create alignment between people, processes, and outcomes to drive business results.


Establish a centralized hub for people to view team priorities, access and update goals, and check on progress.


Give people increased clarity, visibility, and involvement in company goal-setting—Viva integrates into more than 20 official work systems.

Help transform the employee experience

Align people and projects to strategic business priorities, set clear goals, and empower teams to accomplish more together—learn how Viva can help.

Tracking for goals in Viva Goals.

Give everyone visibility into goals and progress

Keep teams and organizations focused on relevant OKRs (objectives and key results).

A flowchart showing how each member of an organization is progressing towards their goal and how it relates to the wider team.

Connect daily work to business impact

Give people visibility into how their projects connect to team-wide and organization-wide OKRs.

A Sales overview with real-time data and insights.

Create adaptable teams that achieve results

Support faster and better decision making with dynamic real-time data and insights.

A chat in Teams with a pop-out highlighting an Objective for a user, their progress, the owner and the buttons to Check-in or View in Apps.

Help teams focus on what’s important

Communicate, collaborate, and check in on goals with the message extension in Microsoft Teams chat.

A monthly product review in Viva Goals being shared with a group in Teams.

Embed OKRs in the employee experience

Bring data and actions seamlessly into everyday tools like Teams and Azure DevOps and take advantage of native integration with Microsoft 365.

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Focus and alignment

Learn how teams throughout Microsoft use Viva Goals to help them drive company objectives such as growth, diversity, and employee wellbeing.

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“OKRs allow anyone … to see what other people are working on. Individuals can see the importance of their contributions …. Leaders can see how their objectives are being implemented.”

—Jennifer Perret, Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft

Employee experience insights

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Reimagine the employee experience

Explore resources, research, and tools that help accelerate your employee experience strategies to meet the ever-changing needs of your people.

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Bring purpose and alignment to the employee experience

Align teams to your organization’s strategic priorities and unite them around the mission and purpose with Viva Goals.

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Empower and energize employees

Learn how Viva can help you empower managers and teams, modernize communication and connection, and build a learning culture.

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Help people and teams thrive

Get insights from the latest Work Trend Index Pulse Report, discover new Viva apps, engage hybrid workers with Microsoft Teams Rooms, and work smarter and safer with the new Windows 11 2022 Update.

Support a people-centric organization

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Learn how Viva supports connection, insight, purpose, and growth.

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