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What is an employee experience platform?

Today’s work environment requires new tools for your organization to thrive. Employee experience platforms (EXPs), like Microsoft Viva, support people and teams by helping organizations deliver more connection, insight, purpose, and growth.

The value of EXPs

Employee experience platforms are designed to improve employee experience and worker productivity through connection, growth and learning opportunities, better insights, and alignment on business goals.

Help people to be their best

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.2

Employees can boost daily productivity by 11–14% with properly deployed knowledge-discovery tools.3

Organizations with highly engaged employees have 23% greater profitability.4

Technology in HR

Employee experience platforms (EXPs) apply technology in HR to help transform the workplace by improving communication, enhancing employee productivity and engagement, personalizing the employee experience, promoting work-life balance, and improving company culture.

Hybrid work and employee experience

EXPs are built for hybrid work and typically include the key components of communication, engagement, personalization, wellbeing, culture building, and analytics.

Customer use cases and stories

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Get started with an EXP

Create a thriving work environment with Viva, the employee experience platform that puts people first and helps drive better business results.

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