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Microsoft Security

Microsoft Entra Internet Access

Secure access to all internet resources and software as a service (SaaS) and Microsoft 365 apps with an identity-centric secure web gateway (SWG) solution.

Unify access controls

Protect against malicious internet traffic, unsafe or non-compliant content, and other threats.

Extend Conditional Access with network conditions

Strengthen your organization's Zero Trust posture by eliminating gaps in defenses with holistic, adaptive access policies that converge conditional access, continuous access evaluation, and network security controls in one place.

Modernize network security

Protect against malicious internet traffic and other threats from the open internet with a comprehensive, cloud-delivered network security toolset that includes web content filtering, cloud firewall, and other capabilities.

Enhance security and visibility for Microsoft 365 access

Enable best-in-class security and visibility into Microsoft 365 environments, along with fast and seamless access to Microsoft 365 apps to boost productivity for any user, anywhere.

Get an identity-centric solution

Enforce unified adaptive access controls, simplify network access security, and deliver a great user experience anywhere with Microsoft Entra Internet Access, part of Microsoft’s security service edge (SSE) solution.

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Microsoft Entra Internet Access capabilities

Enhance security and visibility for Microsoft 365 access

Facilitate easier and faster threat detection for Microsoft 365 apps and resources through enriched logs.

Universal Conditional Access

Universal Conditional Access

Extend adaptive access controls universally by bringing Conditional Access and continuous access evaluation to any network destination.

Universal tenant restriction

Universal tenant restriction

Enable Universal Tenant Restriction across all managed devices and network branches regardless of operating system (OS) and browser platform.

Compliant network

Compliant network

Prevent users from bypassing the secure network edge while accessing cloud applications, and help protect against token replay attacks.

Source IP restoration

Source IP restoration

Ensure backward compatibility of your trusted location checks in conditional access and continuous access evaluation policies.

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Explore the Microsoft Entra product family

Safeguard connections between people, apps, resources, and devices with multicloud identity and network access products.

Identity and access management

  • Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory)

    Manage and protect users, apps, workloads, and devices.

  • Microsoft Entra ID Governance

    Protect, monitor, and audit access to critical assets.

  • Microsoft Entra External ID

    Provide your customers and partners with secure access to any app.

  • Microsoft Entra Domain Services

    Manage your domain controllers in the cloud.

New identity categories

  • Microsoft Entra Verified ID

    Issue and verify identity credentials based on open standards.

  • Microsoft Entra Permissions Management

    Manage identity permissions across your multicloud infrastructure.

  • Microsoft Entra Workload ID

    Help apps and services to securely access cloud resources.

Network access

  • Microsoft Entra Internet Access

    Secure access to internet, software as a service, and Microsoft 365 apps.

  • Microsoft Entra Private Access

    Help users to securely connect to private apps from anywhere.

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