Keep your employees engaged and productive

Helping employees to stay productive in today’s distributed work environment can be challenging. In fact, only 41% of global workers are engaged according to the Global Employee Engagement Data 2020 Report by Peakon1. So first, let’s consider a few insightful findings below from a recent Forrester study.

71% of SMBs invest in technology that improves teams’ productivity2

Only 17% of SMBs have capabilities to enable collaboration over one platform2

Only 9% of SMBs have systems to turn data into actionable insights2

As you can see, a majority of SMBs across the APAC region do recognize the importance of technology. Meanwhile, only a minority have the right technology in place to improve decision making, teamwork and engagement seamlessly across different employees, devices and locations. Download the report to find out why you should make employee empowerment a top priority.

Employees in a meeting room in discussion

Put your people first and success will follow

Your employees want to feel great about using your products. Empowering your team with the right tools enables them to stay productive from anywhere which in turn, increases their job satisfaction, loyalty and revenue growth. It helps them make insight-driven decisions and they will also be less likely to use their own tools at work which could put your company data at risk. So how have other businesses managed to empower their employees during these unprecedented times?

Success stories across the region

The best of both worlds in one platform

When it comes to fully empowering your employees in the office or remotely, less can actually be more with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. Seamless integrating both solutions into one platform streamlines your processes. Having a single view of your customers also enables unified communications, and provides the ability to strengthen relationships. Finally, this data-driven platform provides your team with the insights to make smarter decisions.