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Running a business is tough. And the transition towards all-remote work has brought many new challenges for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that now need to quickly digitalize their organizations. According to an APAC SMB Scalability Index Report by Forrester1, only 16% of SMBs have systems to turn data into actionable insights, while 12% of SMBs are capable of delivering personalized customer experiences.


So, what can SMBs do to accelerate their digital transformation efforts? The answer is in the cloud. By moving to the cloud, businesses can not only remain relevant in an ever-changing market, but also strengthen their competitive edge with greater scalability, cost-savings and control over their IT infrastructure.


Let’s explore a few insightful findings from The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Azure IaaS by Forrester Consulting2 on how other businesses have benefitted from cloud migration. This commissioned study reveals that companies that transitioned from a primarily on-premise environment to Azure achieved:



435% return on investment after 5 years

21% average improvement in time to market

20% average increase in company growth

19% average increase in process efficiency

Benefits of migrating to Microsoft Azure:

Regardless of where your business is at in its cloud adoption journey, Microsoft Azure is here to help your business achieve its goals. So, what are the benefits of migrating to Microsoft Azure?

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Discover how Microsoft Azure has helped customers across the world achieve greater scalability, cost savings and innovation.

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