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What will happen if you try to interbreed a Rose and an Iris? What would a Jasmine Orchid look like? The Flower House game gives you a unique opportunity to create the most weird and wonderful flower hybrids. Here you can become a florist and a designer, here you can create your own window sill filled with flowers, grow exotic flowers, create colorful bouquets and gift them to your friends! You will meet various characters who require your help. Each flower you grow will open new stories to you – some funny, some romantic, and some quite intriguing. Get away from the buzz and fuss of the big city: find good neighbors, visit them and help each other grow new amazing plants!

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Our game is one year old! During this past year, many interesting events took place and hundreds of the most beautiful flowers were grown. For a year, you’ve been here with us, creating your own flower houses, and in these days of celebration, we’d like to give you some presents as a thanks. Enter the game daily, we’ve a lot of pleasant surprises for you: - Accelerated Nectar replenishment - Great discounts in our game shop - A chance to get more Mood points and experience when you grow flowers and when they bloom - A fair with unique chests and amulets - Flower weekends Every day has something new in store. Mark, Miranda, Monsieur Buffon, Doctor Plant, Jessica and all the other Flower House characters are waiting for you in the game! We are grateful to all those that share our flower devotion. Stay with us, play with us and create amazing new hybrids. Let every day of your life be as beautiful as the brightest flower! Happy birthday, Flower House!

Tính năng

  • 139 unusual flowers you will never find in the real world
  • 10 characters with their own tempers and life stories
  • Trips to various places: a modern city, cozy suburbs, a sunny tropical island and mysterious Japan
  • Various flowerpots, statuettes and posts which enable you to create a unique interior
  • Ability to create colorful bouquets which you can gift to your friends in the game
  • A flower stand where you can sell the flowers you grew
  • Nice and relaxing music

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