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Hover preview
Bing has a new feature that shows you a little more information from a website by just hovering over a search result. This gives you a better sense of whether a site contains the information you're looking for without you needing to click and possibly wasting your own time.
Hover preview Hover preview gives you more detailed information.
For certain sites, Bing also offers "Popular links" from within the preview, such as for the Canadian Tire website.

Hover preview's orange diamond Hover over the orange diamond to see the preview.
Closer look at hover preview More detailed description and Popular links.
Real-life scenario
Do you get tired of clicking on a search link only to find the site you end up at is completely unrelated to what you are looking for or full of ads?

Bing has a hover preview feature to give you a little more information about the page your are considering clicking on. With this extra information you can quickly make a more informed opinion and reduce the amount of time you need to press the back button.

24% of clicks result in a rapid click back, meaning that people issue a query, get a results page, click on a link and realize it isn't what they are looking for and rapidly click back. Offering rich previews was designed to eliminate the need for rapid click backs.

Try it
Go to and search for Canadian Tire.

Bing will bring up search results, and when you hover over a search result, it displays an orange diamond on the right side of the screen.

Moving your cursor to the diamond reveals a window containing a portion of copy from the Web site in question.

You can then connect to the Web site from within the preview window by clicking on "Go to the Page."

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