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Discover the power of Windows Vista

Windows Vista® with Service Pack 1 (SP1) can help your workforce be more productive, maintain the security of your data, and reduce IT expenses via:

  • Powerful, pervasive search capabilities to help your people find information more quickly and save time
  • Windows® BitLocker Drive Encryption Help keep vital information secure with Windows® BitLockerTM Drive Encryption. It helps protect your data in the event of laptop theft or loss.
  • Multilingual User Interface to help your people operate the same PC in multiple languages, without burdening IT with the management of multiple images

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Help increase productivity with the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

The Microsoft® Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance can help increase desktop manageability and reduce total cost of ownership. Among the capabilities:

  • Microsoft® SoftGrid® Application Virtualization helps to lower application management costs by helping to reduce many of the traditional, tedious steps needed to deploy and maintain applications
  • Microsoft® Asset Inventory Service helps to reduce application management lifecycle Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through advanced software inventory scanning and inventory tracking
  • Microsoft® Advanced Group Policy Management - helps to increase Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and helps to control and reduce downtime previously associated with conflicting and improperly configured GPOs, facilitating lower TCO
  • Microsoft® Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset helps to improve continuity and productivity for end-users, helping to reduce costly downtime
  • Microsoft® System Center Desktop Error Monitoring helps to reduce the cost of owning Windows-based desktop PCs by helping to enhance IT effectiveness and desktop stability

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