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Two groups interact in a Teams call, one team is virtual, while another team is in person.

Bring teams together

Give hybrid teams a more inclusive way to meet and co-create by empowering teamwork anywhere using this interactive whiteboard. 

Meet, co-create, and collaborate in familiar Microsoft Teams

Dissolve boundaries for hybrid teams so they can inclusively engage everyone’s voices, faces and ideas. Surface Hub 2S is a powerful meetings platform for every team, wherever they meet, that’s certified for Microsoft Teams.

Tech specs
Three co-workers gather around a Surface Hub 2S and interact with the screen using Surface Hub Pen 2

Remote team members have a seat at the table

AI-powered Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera1 auto frames the video feed for remote participants, giving them the best possible view of the room. Remote participants get a dynamic view of in-room interactions with simultaneous, sharp focus on the foreground and background.
An in-person meeting is happening in a conference room while a remote co-worker observes the meeting from her device
Two co-workers interact with remote team members via a Teams call on a Surface Hub 2S

Make better human connections

Facial expressions and body language are brought to life on the large whiteboard monitor. Images and video appear crisp and clear on a brilliant, 4K screen with high resolution and amazing graphics performance.

Every voice is heard

Engage everyone for more inclusive conversations. Integrated far-field mics and crystal-clear speakers ensure every idea is heard, whether people are in the room or working remotely.
Co-workers sit at a conference table while one person uses Surface Hub 2 Pen to ink on the screen. Remote team members observe.

Seamlessly share and create together

Give everyone, no matter where they work, equal opportunity to contribute their ideas and collaborate in real time on a remote interactive whiteboard.

In-person co-workers interact with a PowerPoint presentation in Teams while remote co-workers observe

Whiteboard together

Empower people to whiteboard together, whether they’re inking directly on Surface Hub 2S or working from their own PCs.

Make any place teamwork space

From small group brainstorms to big team meetings, find the right fit with mobile flexibility and choice of size.

Surface Hub 2S in 85-inch size Surface Hub 2S in 50-inch size

Find the right fit for every team

Surface Hub 2S 85-inch is a large-room solution.4

Enable coordinated meetings and multiscreen meeting experiences

Complete your meeting experience with peripherals designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms.5 With a rich ecosystem of connected meeting devices, Microsoft Teams Rooms can turn any meeting space into an easy-to-use and inclusive collaboration space.
Remote and in-person groups use Microsoft Teams Rooms to participate in a meeting

Manage remotely and stay secured anywhere

Maintain secure control of every Surface Hub 2S from anywhere. Centrally manage business security settings and policies, and monitor the health and status of your Surface Hub devices remotely. Windows keeps operations safe and secured.

A Surface Hub 2S in the 85-inch size is observed
  • Manage remotely

    The Microsoft Teams Rooms Management suite of tools offer options for managing your Surface Hub devices.2

  • Security protocols

    Windows 10 Team edition implements defensive sub-components to protect the whole of the system.

  • Safe and secure data

    Built on Windows, Surface Hub 2S delivers enterprise-grade modern security to enforce data protection.

Business accessories designed for teams wherever they work

Business accessories designed for Surface Hub 2S deliver on the promise of more inclusive meetings and engaged collaboration, however your teams come together. 

Surface Hub 2S on Salamander’s Electric Lift motorised stand

Salamander Electric Lift Mobile Stand

Take control of collaboration workspaces with Salamander’s Electric Lift Mobile Stands.5

Render of Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

Wireless and auto-framing

APC™ Charge lithium-ion battery system

APC™ Charge Mobile Battery

Powers Surface Hub 2S 50-inch

  • [1] Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, sold separately starting March 2022 dynamically adjusts the video feed for remote participants. Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera will be included in the box with Surface Hub 2S 85-inch starting in May 2022.
  • [2] Software licence required for some features. Sold separately.
  • [3] Apps available through the Microsoft Store. Find more information here.
  • [4] Surface Hub 2S 50-inch: Includes one (1) Surface Hub 2 Pen and one (1) Surface Hub 2 Camera. Surface Hub 2S 85-inch: Includes two (2) Surface Hub 2 Pens and one (1) Surface Hub 2 Camera until May 2022. In May 2022, it will include two (2) Surface Hub 2 Pens and one (1) Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera. Additional accessories sold separately.
  • [5] Salamander Electric Lift motorised stands, Steelcase Roam™ Wall Mount and APC™ Charge Mobile Battery (for Surface Hub 2S 50-inch) are sold separately.
  • [6] Microsoft’s Limited Warranty is in addition to your consumer law rights.
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