Connected campus and school experiences

College and university campuses throughout the world are evolving to provide students with connected campus and school experiences.

Campus and school experiences include how students interact with their learning environment, how they use technology and how a campus operates. Microsoft and our partners provide the best solutions for ensuring campus operations run effectively and efficiently.

Improve the physical safety of students and staff Expand Collapse

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Manage building access, smart cameras, emergency notifications, anti-bullying and crisis prevention so your school can:

  • Connect your campus
  • Monitor, control, and track student behaviour
  • Detect and respond to threats and emergencies

Enhance facilities management and energy efficiency Expand Collapse

Primary school’s energy management transformed with cloud-based insights.

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Smart buildings and improved technology can reduce energy and maintenance costs by 10% or more. These solutions help:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Predict and detect faults
  • Reduce minor disasters
  • Reduce energy costs and save money

Simplify transportation and parking Expand Collapse

Increase transportation management efficiency with technology solutions for:

  • Transportation safety
  • Asset and fleet management
  • Parking management
  • Route optimisation
  • Wi-Fi connections in motion

Streamline campus transactions and instant payments Expand Collapse

Students and their parents expect convenience and security on a school campus.

Today’s best campuses surpass student expectations while maximising returns on technology investment. With secure, unified transaction solutions, students can use a single card to manage campus transactions such as fees, meals, laundry, books and other materials.

Download the eBook: Connected Campus and School Experiences

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School stories

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  • Carnegie Mellon reduced energy use by 20 percent with cloud machine-learning solution.

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