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Healthcare payors and insurers

Drive digital transformation with Microsoft Cloud solutions for healthcare payors and insurers.
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Transform your organization

Reimagine how you bring together people, data, and processes with public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.

Deliver exceptional member experiences

Personalize and optimize member experiences by securely reducing time and expense of care.

Modernize payor operations

Reduce costs and risk by improving quality assurance, efficiency, and workforce productivity.

Elevate workforce experiences

Foster collaboration while increasing timeliness and effectiveness of care coordination.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Solve today’s challenges and build future resiliency with a secure, industry-specific cloud solution.
  • Create omni-channel member experiences that augment human ingenuity with AI and cognitive capabilities to meet members where they are.
  • Enable a 360-degree view of members by bringing together all interactions from member services, marketing, sales, and online support.
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See how payors are innovating

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Explore partner solutions

Discover industry-leading solutions to address your unique business challenges.

Learn about Microsoft healthcare products

Accelerate your data and AI journey with industry-relevant products, solutions, and capabilities from Microsoft.

Discover valuable resources

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• October 2023

Transform your organization

Learn how to solve today’s dynamic and complex industry challenges with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.
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• April 2021

How data insights can support population health strategies

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• September 2020

Deliver better patient outcomes with AI


Start achieving more in healthcare

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Explore more solutions for your business needs.
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Boost resiliency in an ever-changing industry with periodic updates about Microsoft healthcare initiatives.

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