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What is an employee experience platform?

Today’s work environment requires new tools for your organization to thrive. Employee experience platforms (EXPs), such as Microsoft Viva, help people and teams reach their potential by delivering connection, insight, purpose, and growth.

Introduction to EXPs

Help people to be their best

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.3

Employees can boost daily productivity by 11–14% with properly deployed knowledge-discovery tools.4

Organizations with highly engaged employees have 23% greater profitability.5

What’s the industry saying about EXPs?

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Hybrid work is just work

Read the latest Work Trend Index Pulse Report on three urgent pivots leaders must make to help employees and organizations thrive.

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Discover the future of work

Read the latest Microsoft WorkLab information on hybrid work, including trends, news, and research.

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Create a people-powered workplace

Empower people and teams by creating a new kind of workplace centered around employee experiences.

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Improve EX with HR technology

Discover six human resources (HR) technology trends that tie HR efforts to tangible business outcomes.

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Drive faster growth with integrated EX tools

Learn how more than 250 HR leaders at large companies are using integrated EX platforms to drive business growth.

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Create a holistic employee experience

See the four ways companies are using EXPs to address the changing needs of employees and to improve their employee experience.

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Why leaders can’t ignore the Human Energy Crisis

Learn about the six key areas that can help add sustainable fuel to an employee’s energy reserves so that employees can be energized and empowered to do meaningful work.

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Redefine the future of the office

Find out how the office is changing, what it will look like, and what leaders should plan for today. 2

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Winning the talent war

Josh Bersin reveals the critical employee experience (EX) factors in attracting and retaining talent.

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Explore insights on employee wellbeing

Read the latest insights from the People Science team about hybrid work and its implications.

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Shape your digital employee experience

Learn how the tools and technology your employees use can impact their hybrid or remote work experience.

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Boost knowledge management

Discover how tech solutions can transform knowledge management from content centered to human focused.

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Enhance the employee experience

Cricket Australia uses Microsoft Viva Insights to improve employee work-life balance.

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Transition to hybrid work

Old Mutual improves its hybrid work environment with the help of Microsoft Viva Insights.

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Manage the future of work

Humana uses insights from Viva to help improve employee experience and facilitate a thriving work culture.

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Build connections and collaboration

Etex builds on family culture by supporting digital and frontline employees through Microsoft Viva Connections.

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Get started with an EXP

Create a thriving work environment with Viva, the employee experience platform that puts people first and helps drive better business results.
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