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Microsoft Viva Insights

Improve productivity and wellbeing with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations.


Create a culture where people and business can thrive

Discover new productivity and wellbeing experiences in the flow of work, that build on the power of MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics.

Learn about experiences in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and to help individuals and teams across the organization do their best work.

Get personal insights in the flow of work

Identify opportunities to build better work habits. Prioritize wellbeing with actionable recommendations, such as reserving time for focused work, taking regular breaks, and practicing mindfulness.

Help teams balance productivity and wellbeing

Understand the impact of work patterns on employee wellbeing and business outcomes with manager and leader insights. Default safeguards protect individual privacy. Additional license required.

Address unique business challenges

Address complex challenges with advanced tools and additional data sources. Enhance insights and experiences with Glint, LinkedIn, and Headspace. Additional license required.

Bring clarity to engagement data

Nurture employee wellbeing

Powerful insights enabled LinkedIn leaders to improve employee wellbeing during a massive shift to remote work.

Powerful insights enabled LinkedIn leaders to improve employee wellbeing during a massive shift to remote work.

See Microsoft Viva Insights in action

Watch demos on personal, manager, and leader insights.

Work is different now

Learn how Microsoft Viva Insights helps improve employee wellbeing and productivity in an increasingly complex, hyperconnected, and sometimes isolating environment.



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Personal insights

Get started with Microsoft Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams.


Understand and improve your work habits with insights in Outlook.

Manager and leader insights

Build resilience with team and organizational insights in Workplace Analytics.

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Empower people and teams to be their best

Microsoft Viva Insights is part of Microsoft Viva, the new employee experience platform designed to help people connect, focus, learn, and thrive at work.