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Empower your employees at home with Office 365

Give your employees discounts on Office 365 with the Microsoft Home Use Program and help provide them with professional tools for personal projects.

What is the Home Use Program?

The Home Use Program is an employee purchase program for Microsoft’s valued customers. It offers Office 365 Home and Personal—premium, up-to-date software—at a discounted rate through your company.

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Get more from Microsoft with the Home Use Program

The Home Use Program helps your employees become more proficient and productive with Office 365 at home—increasing employee satisfaction while lowering the need and cost of IT help and training.

Empower employees with the Home Use Program

The Home Use Program gives employees the opportunity to own and use Microsoft products. Skill and experience grow from personal use and translates to higher productivity, satisfaction, and savings for your company.

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Home Use Program promotional resources

Steps to promote

Educate leaders about the Home Use Program.

Digital and printable flyer

Distribute throughout your workplace.

Email and newsletter module

Promote the Home Use Program in your internal communications.

IT pros

Sign in to the Home Use Program page with your admin account.

HR managers

Check if you’re enrolled so employees can get started today.

Frequently asked questions


The Microsoft Home Use Program is an employee purchase program designed for Microsoft's valued customers and offered through your company. It enables employees to purchase premium, up-to-date software and Office 365 Home and Personal subscriptions at a substantially discounted rate for use on employees’ personal devices.

For employees to take advantage of the Microsoft Home Use Program discount, they need a valid corporate email address and an active Microsoft account, and the organization will need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Customers who have active Software Assurance for qualifying Office applications.
  • Customers who have Office 365, or Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 from Software Assurance.

  • Commercial and government customers who have purchased 2,000 licenses or more of one or a mix of Office 365 E3 or E5 and/or Microsoft 365 E3 or E5.

  • Education and non-profit customers who have purchased 2,000 licenses or more of Office Education A3 or A5 and Office 365 or Microsoft 365 E3 or E5.

Office 365 is an annual subscription that includes premium versions of the Office apps that you can use across all your devices (Office 365 Home - Up to 6 Users, Office 365 Personal – 1 User), monthly exclusive feature updates, and 1 TB of cloud storage per user. Office 365 helps you create your best documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with built-in intelligence and up-to-date features.

To qualify for the Home Use Program, employees must work at a company that qualifies for the Home Use Program and have a corporate email address. To verify your company’s eligibility, direct your company’s IT administrator to the Microsoft Store for Business. From here, the IT administrator can verify whether your company is eligible for the Home Use Program and set up the benefit for your employees.

IT administrators can find details about how to administer and manage Home Use Program benefits for employees by reviewing these FAQs.

The Home Use Program offers a 30% discount on Office 365 Home or Personal annual subscription for use at home. The savings rate is locked in for one’s annual subscription until the subscriber cancels it.

The Home Use Program helps your company maximize the return on their Microsoft investment. It reduces the need for software training and lowers IT support costs, while helping to boost employee productivity. Benefits to participating in the program include:

  • Reducing the need for IT training
  • Lowering help desk and training costs
  • Allowing employees to get familiar with Office at home
  • Increasing software proficiency, which can increase productivity

When employees purchase Office products at a significant discount, they’re able to use the same software at home that they use at the office. This helps boost their productivity, improve their skills, and enhance job satisfaction.

For employees who qualify for the Office 365 subscription offer and have purchased through the program, the discounted price applies for as long as the employee’s subscription remains active, regardless of their employment status with your organization. However, their commercial use rights end once their employment ends. For employees who qualify for Office 2019 software offers, they must uninstall Office software purchased through Home Use Program once the employee leaves the company.

Please direct your employees to these Home Use Program FAQsfor detailed information about what’s included, how to purchase software, and how to download and manage subscriptions.

Use the resources located on the Home Use Program homepage to help you promote the program to your employees. There you will find digital and printable flyers, verbiage for use in emails and newsletters, and guidance on how to best promote the Home Use Program.


Your IT admins can also access onboarding materials in several languages. After signing in to the Microsoft Store for Business, from the Microsoft Home Use Program section under Microsoft Home Use Program onboarding materials. Select a language to begin downloading the zip file. The file contains assets that you can use to help educate your employees about the program and promote it internally in your company.