Empower officers and citizens to do more through digitally transformed law enforcement practices.

Imagine if you could provide responsive and personalized information and services to victims, witnesses, neighborhood communities, and businesses.

Imagine if information flowed securely, within and across the public safety and justice ecosystem, enabling you to adapt to the needs of individuals and communities.

Imagine if you knew how your services were used so citizens and law enforcement could collaborate to improve existing services and develop new ones.

Digital transformation has unlocked extensive new capabilities for citizen engagement, incident response & management, investigation, and operational support.  These new capabilities enable both elected officials and law enforcement organizations to reduce operational costs, manage demand, build effective collaborations with partners, address priority crime types, and improve the overall efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness of the criminal justice system.

The significant benefits of this transformation in law enforcement include:

  • Faster and more effective incident response
  • Empowered data that may reduce threat, risk, or harm
  • Increased percentage of resources allocated to frontline duties
  • Improved collaboration across the public safety and policing authorities ecosystem
  • Increased community engagement and satisfaction

Digital transformation in law enforcement, presented by Microsoft Services, provides inspiration and insight to develop a digital strategy that will transform the officer and citizen experience and deliver significantly improved outcomes.

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