Real-Time Processing with Data Vault 2.0 on Azure 

Co-authored with Ole Bause from Scalefree. Technical Review done by Ian Clarke, Naveed Hussain, Hajar Habjaoui and Irfan Maroof – GBBs (Cloud Scale Analytics) for EMEA at Microsoft Introduction In the last article, we discussed the Data Vault 2.0 architecture with regards to batch processing. However, Data Vault 2.0 is not limited to batch processing: Read more

Helping Ontario Lead 

As we enter the new year, we also enter a new technological era. An era catalyzed by global macroeconomic challenges and economic uncertainty driving Canadian organizations of all sizes and industries to go further and do more with technology.    Canada’s public service is no exception. As one of the most vital industries bracing our economy, Read more

Trends Shaping Canada’s Financial Services Industry in 2023 

If 2022 taught us anything, it was to expect the unexpected. From changing market conditions to new and evolving technology innovations, the potential of emerging tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT inside of our organizations and navigating the return to work, we faced a tremendous number of obstacles and opportunities. And yet, we came together as a Read more

Data Vault 2.0 on Azure 

By Michael Olschimke, co-founder and CEO at Scalefree International GmbH Co-authored with Marc Finger from Scalefree.  Technical reviewed by Ian Clarke and Naveed Hussain – GBB (Cloud Scale Analytics) for EMEA at Microsoft and Jonas De Keuster from VaultSpeed. Introduction In our first article of this blog series, we have introduced the requirements of a Read more

A Modern Data Analytics Platform on Azure with Data Vault 2.0  

Co-authored with Marc Finger from Scalefree and Jonas De Keuster from VaultSpeed.  Technical Review done by Ian Clarke and Naveed Hussain – GBB (Cloud Scale Analytics) for EMEA at Microsoft Introduction  Business users need more and more ready-to-consume data and information to support their decision-making in a data-driven organisation. Though, many of today’s systems fail Read more

For Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan, data is at the heart of digital transformation 

Over the past few years, the financial services industry in Canada has been on an accelerated journey to digital. Institutions big and small are reshaping their digital agendas and adopting a data strategy to keep pace with changing customer expectations. While every company’s digital journey is noteworthy, the midmarket financial sector’s transformation is especially impressive Read more

The Growing Risk of Cybercrime and Protecting Cybersecurity of the Planet 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a massive transition to remote work, which according to Microsoft Canada’s National Security Officer John Hewie, it was also “a gift for cyber criminals.” Speaking at the Public Policy Forum’s Canada Growth Summit 2022, Hewie noted that malicious acts were easily carried out as organizations rapidly adopted new tech tools and Read more

Microsoft Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Partner Advisory Board 

Recent years have proven that the future economy will be digital. For Canada to lead, we need to empower all organizations, including those viewed as “traditional,” to accelerate innovation by leveraging the right technologies. The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) offers seemingly limitless potential for organizations across industries and sectors, including operational efficiencies, real-time data-informed Read more

Building the future together: Microsoft ​Canada​ Economic and Social Impact Report 

While there have been many challenges over the past two and half years, one silver lining is that the pandemic has fundamentally reshaped the way we work and our priorities, ultimately distinguishing what’s important – health, family, time, purpose – and what’s not. We’re currently sitting at a crossroads in history, where every organization must Read more

Driving a Culture of Innovation with Ontario’s Public Service 

The accelerated adoption of technology in recent years has meant customer expectations have shifted quickly to rely on seamless digital experiences – whether they are purchasing products or relying on services from the government. At Microsoft, we’re committed to empowering both private and public sector organizations to embrace digital transformation to stay ahead of these Read more

Transforming digital financial services – and making lives easier  

Every day, people discover the efficiencies and value of digital financial services. Small, incidental transactions—like depositing a refund check—can be completed in a matter of minutes, and large, life-changing financial processes—like getting a mortgage—proceed more quickly and efficiently as well. Transactions and processes can be completed from anywhere, at any time, which reduces in-person banking Read more

Cybersecurity is a priority in Alberta’s rapid digital service transformation 

Martin Dinel, Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Information Security Officer for the Cybersecurity Services division of Service Alberta, is leading the charge for innovation in cybersecurity. As recently as two years ago, the Government of Alberta had virtually no presence in the cloud, but with the onset of the pandemic, they were compelled by their Read more