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Celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month with In-Depth Phishing Content

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Originally a U.S.-based initiative, Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM) is now an annual international event that highlights the importance of security awareness. By educating and empowering organizations and their end users to protect sensitive personal and professional information online, CSAM helps foster a human-centric approach to cyber security.

To coincide with the month-long celebration, Microsoft and Terranova Security are providing organizations with engaging, easily shareable content with lots of cyber security tips and in-depth insights to ensure all organizations can strengthen their security awareness training programs.

Download and Share Free CSAM Content Kits

Providing organizations and their team members with awareness-level cyber security is more important than ever. Many organizations are shifting how they work and, with teams spread across various regions and physical spaces, the human aspect of information security is a major consideration.

To ensure everyone has the tools they need to detect and avoid increasingly complex cyber-attacks, Microsoft and Terranova Security have collaborated on free content kits that include infographics, videos, and more, covering the following topics:

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Remote Workers
  • Social Engineering

Celebrate CSAM and download your copies of the content kits on the Terranova Security website.

Register for the 2021 Gone Phishing Tournament

Phishing threats remain a significant focus for organizations worldwide. As a result, an increasingly crucial element of successful security awareness training is safely testing end user knowledge through a phishing simulation.

To enable you to get a clear picture of your organization’s true phishing click rate with in-depth data, be sure to sign up for the 2021 edition of Gone Phishing Tournament, co-sponsored by Microsoft.

The annual event facilitates comparisons to other organizations in your sector, region, and size range using a standardized phishing template to test participants during a two-week simulation period.

Participating organizations will also receive personalized analytics and reporting to optimize their security awareness training initiatives.

Reserve your free phishing simulation and personalized report by registering for the Gone Phishing Tournament today!

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