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Microsoft 365

A fully integrated, cost-effective solution for small businesses and enterprise

Learn how to get started with Microsoft  Firstline Workers solutions

Firstline Workers

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Grow your business with Firstline Worker-related services and solutions by selling Microsoft 365 F1 and Modern Desktop

  1. Modernize your customer’s environment, leading with security.
  2. Offer advanced solutions that leverage the extensibility of Microsoft 365.
  3. Increase deal size

Learn how to get started with Microsoft   solutions for Small, Medium and Corporate

Small, Medium and Corporate

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Integrated solution that brings together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities to help safeguard small and medium-sized businesses

  1. Grow your revenue and customer base.
  2. Add your unique offerings and capabilities.
  3. Increase customer lifetime value with annuity services.

Learn how to get started with Microsoft   solutions for large companies


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End-to-end productivity solution designed to help customers achieve modern workplace transformation

  1. Attract customers and increase revenue with security, GDPR, teamwork, and modern desktop.
  2. Provide monitoring, remediation, adoption, and support services.
  3. Help increase profitability and customer retention.

Grow your business

Explore the solution areas that can help you deliver customer value and grow your practice.

Security and compliance

Get everything you need to develop and market the holistic security solutions customers want.

Modern desktop

Modern Desktop Empower your team with the productivity tools they need to get the job done, while protecting them with cloud-powered security. 


Help your customers transform workforces into high-performing teams.

Canadian resources

Find partner stories, marketing resources and the latest training and events for partners in Canada.

Training Series: Modern Desktop Deployment

Connect with experts and take away best practices for deploying Modern IT with Windows 10 & Office 365 ProPlus


Training and events

Latest Microsoft Partner training, events and incentives.

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Marketing resources

Find resources and tools designed to help you improve your marketing skills.

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Promote your event

Promote your event to Microsoft customers in this website

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Learn about the Microsoft teams revenue partner opportunity

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