Home sweet happy home

Get an intelligent hand around the house - from helping you save money on energy bills to co-hosting a perfectly lit dance party that'll go all night.

Light up your life

 Start designing your connected home and automate your light to fit your lifestyle. Easily connect to your Wi-Fi with an app or by using your voice.

Step up your game

Get the competitive edge, discover new ways to stay motivated, and achieve fitness goals with the latest smart gadgets. Then track and analyze your data on your mobile device.

Sync your smart life

Go beyond basic commands with advanced tools that keep all your smart home devices working together seamlessly.

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The magic of IFTTT

Personalize and enhance how all your smart devices work together with IFTTT. It uses free, web-based chains called Applets that automatically trigger an action in devices or services to make them work together.

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One device to rule them all

Easily control and monitor the smart devices in your home, even when you're away. It works across a wide range of popular connected devices, apps, and more.

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