Neil Patrick Harris

Actor, Director

1973-06-15 (48 years old) Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

To some he will forever be teen doctor Doogie Howser. But those more familiar with Harris' career know that he successfully transformed himself from a baby-faced lead into a versatile character actor. After making an his film debut in 1988's Clara's Heart, Harris became known for his small-screen work, including Doogie Howser, M.D. and a plethora of TV-movies. As an adult, he moved to big-screen supporting parts (the lone white guy in 1997's Undercover Brother; a scientist in 2002's Starship Troopers) and even conquered Broadway with his impressively powerful vocals in Cabaret and Assassins. In 2005, he returned to series television as a womanizing wise guy on How I Met Your Mother, a wonderfully ironic role considering that Harris acknowledged he was gay when he officially came out in November 2006. He had initially remained mum on the subject, although he did poke fun at his ambiguous sexual orientation on Will & Grace when he guest-starred as a "reformed" homosexual. When he's not on stage or set, Harris has been known to indulge in his passion for magic---both as a fan and as an amateur performer.

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