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The business case for accessibility and inclusivity

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Did you know that one billion people, or 15 percent of the world’s population, experiences some form of disability?* In Canada, 22 percent of people over age 15 live with at least one disability.** That’s over six million people! The reason you don’t always see the prevalence of these disabilities is because they are often invisible.

The Invisible Opportunity sheds new light on the exciting and profitable opportunity for all businesses that accessibility and inclusivity offer. Don’t let unconscious bias hold you back! Get the awe-inspiring facts about people with disabilities, their performance as employees, their purchasing power as customers, and the benefits they contribute to organizations across Canada.

The Invisible Opportunity will give you a new understanding of:

  • The prevalence and nature of disabilities in our personal and professional lives
  • The incredible purchasing power of consumers living with disabilities
  • The productivity benefits of products and services designed for accessibility
  • The profound impact inclusive design makes on the customer experience
  • The cultural benefits of adopting an accessibility and inclusivity strategy

Learn how amazing innovations can help people living with vision, hearing, neurodiversity, learning, mental health, and mobilities disabilities. Come face-to-face with your own unconscious bias to discover how you can build your business by championing accessibility and inclusivity in the workplace.

Access The Invisible Opportunity ebook



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