Transition from Kaizala to Microsoft Teams

Still using Kaizala? Get calling, chat, meetings, and productivity apps in a single, intelligent hub with Teams.

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Microsoft Kaizala is retiring

Kaizala will retire on August 31, 2023. If you're using Kaizala, transition to Microsoft Teams to connect, share, and collaborate.

Photograph of a laptop screen displaying information in Kaizala’s management action cards. It is overlapped by a mobile device displaying the Kaizala chat interface screen with information about a group including action cards and a map.

Coordinate work more effectively

Communicate with multimedia messaging and audio and video calling using Microsoft Kaizala‘s simple chat interface. Manage tasks, collect data, and gather insights with integrated work management action cards.

Engage with your networks

Connect securely with millions and create flexible groups including hierarchies, and hub and spoke models, using Kaizala’s open directory model. Users sign up for the free mobile app with a phone number.

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Close-up photograph of a mobile device displaying Kaizala’s interface screen with information including a group name and action cards with specific tasks and status.

Digitize business processes

Integrate business systems using Microsoft Kaizala’s open APIs and customizable action cards. Automate processes using Microsoft 365 integration with Microsoft Flow, SharePoint, Excel, and Power BI.*

Manage and secure your data

Get enterprise-grade security, end-to-end data ownership, and industry-leading compliance standards with Microsoft Kaizala. Manage groups and users easily using advanced administrative capabilities.*

Close-up photograph of a laptop displaying Kaizala’s home screen with function icons and cards with various capabilities including group management, reports and analytics, actions, and more.

Ready to get Microsoft Teams?

*Available with Microsoft Kaizala Pro only.