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Microsoft Viva

Onboard not overboard. How hybrid working can help UK organisations retain top talent.

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Create an engaged and productive workforce

Continuously improve employee engagement and business performance with next-generation AI and insights. Microsoft Viva brings together the tools and applications your business needs for communication and feedback, analytics, goals, and learning-all in one unified solution.


  • A Boosted post in Microsoft Viva sharing company news about an AMA.

    Modernize how you communicate and engage with employees

    Energize your workforce by creating spaces for conversations, company news, and shared interests.

    Two comments from employees on a news post in Viva sharing their excitement for their company.

    Connect employees to your organization, wherever they are

    Encourage contributions, foster productivity and positive employee experiences, and help everyone perform well in the hybrid workplace.

    A poll asking what is your favorite way to meet with customers.

    Build meaningful relationships at work

    Give employees and leaders a place to connect, express themselves, and find belonging.

    A window of Visa Amplify for a campaign and parts of it displaying 'Create new' option with 'Recent publications' section

    Make your messages impactful

    Reach and meaningfully engage all employees with centralized campaign management, publishing, and reporting for corporate communicators.

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  • An overlay in Viva Insights showing the process for a user to book Focus Time.

    Transform employee feedback and insights into impact

    Measure employee engagement and drive action with rich, data-driven workplace analytics.

    A graph showing average meeting hours over a four-month period and more productivity insights for an organization

    Tap into the power of workplace analytics

    Empower your organization with data-driven, actionable insights to increase productivity and performance.

    A report in Viva Glint titled Employee Signals April 2023 Results including response rate, strengths and opportunities and more

    Understand and improve employee engagement

    Viva Glint delivers immediate visibility into employee engagement with organization-wide surveys and recommended actions that drive business outcomes.

     A work-life balance template being customized in Viva Pulse

    Seek out and act on team feedback

    Gain visibility into your team's experience with employee feedback and get actionable suggestions for improvement.

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  • An overlay in Viva Goals showing tracked progress for a set KPI.

    Align people’s work to team and organizational goals

    Enable your people to connect their everyday work to strategic priorities.

    A new check-in being created in Viva Goals detailing the current value, the status, and a note about the KPI.

    Bring clarity, focus, and alignment with goal setting

    Create purpose-driven teams with aspirational and outcome-focused goals.

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  • An overlay in Viva Learning welcoming the user back and outlining their progress.

    Help your workforce learn, grow, and succeed

    Give employees the information they need to thrive at work with knowledge and learning tools.

    The homepage for Viva Learning in Teams

    Learn in the flow of work

    Prioritize growth and development by bringing learning content into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

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Realize business value with Microsoft Viva

Learn about the potential 327% total return on investment, with payback in less than six months.1

75% reduction in effort spent discovering content and experts

“We lose many hours per year looking for information. A big benefit of Viva is the ability to have a more integrated end-user experience, which allows employees to get access and launched into what they need much quicker."

Product owner, CPG1

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Privacy by design

Your personal data and insights based on work patterns are only viewable to you. Trusted cloud security and privacy safeguards help organizations maintain compliance with industry and regional requirements.

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Customer stories

Three people conversing at a counter under a screen displaying logos for Domino's and Viva Engage.

Revolutionizing communication

"Now that we have Viva, it’s so easy to connect with each other across the borders, within the teams, and with the franchise partners."
-Manon Stoutjesdijk, Public Relations Specialist, Benelux, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises
A modern office interior featuring a staircase, glass railings, and a green indoor garden.

Boosting employee engagement

"We know that Microsoft will expand and enhance Viva going forward, so as we’re ready to embrace new technology such as AI, Microsoft will continue to provide the copilots and other solutions we need to stay on the leading edge of employee communications."
-Jim Smith, Senior Communications Director, McCormick
Dell logo on a building

Supporting innovation

“Launching Viva Connections and making it available in Teams means we can now provide improved access to knowledge.”

- Bruce Sánchez, Global Lead, Sales Learning and Development Technology, Dell Technologies


Improving employee wellbeing

“We need to deliver an exceptional employee experience—under all workplace conditions. We use Viva Insights to empower our existing workforce while also competing for new talent.”

- Dan Torunian, Vice President for Employee Technology and Experiences, PayPal

A collage of images of people recording music at home and live music performances in venues.

Tuning in to a culture of learning

“Providing leading-edge tools like Microsoft Viva demonstrates the company’s interest in attracting and nurturing talent from within.”

- Lorna Stubbs, Chief Human Resources Officer, Music Tribe

A top-down view of a laptop keyboard and a hand resting on a mouse

Strengthening focus on employees

“The power of Viva is that it’s helped us give employees information at their fingertips when they need it.”

- Marci Jenkins, IT Executive, Workplace IT Experience, Avanade

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Additional resources

Drive faster growth with integrated employee experience tools

Savvy HR leaders know that people today want more than just a paycheck—they want flexibility and a sense of belonging. Fortunately, the benefit of improving employee satisfaction goes both ways.

Two people working together at a desk.

Create a Holistic Employee Experience

Research shows that people expect more from their workplaces. Accommodating those needs requires business leaders to find solutions that deliver an improved, inclusive, and holistic experience for employees.

The report titled Create a Holistic Employee Experience.

The People-Powered Workplace

Learn how employee-experience platforms like Microsoft Viva help modernize human resources and support businesses, people, and teams to reach their full potential.

The e-book titled The People-Powered Workplace

Viva for IT professionals


Explore guidance and learning resources for developers and technology professionals.

Microsoft Learn

Gain new skills and discover how Viva can enhance the employee experience with step-by-step guidance for admins.

Tech Community

Collaborate, share, and learn from experts.

For developers

Build apps and solutions for Viva to empower every organization in the new digital age.

Get started with Viva

A person smiling and leaning on a counter to use their laptop.

Learn more about Viva

Get started with helpful tips for Viva at work.

A reminder to book time to focus with Viva Insights.

Protect your time

Schedule focus time, configure quiet time, or start a virtual commute.

A reminder to learn more about what Topics are popular in a user’s organization

Find everything in one place

Discover relevant news, conversations, and the tools you need to succeed with a personalized destination.

A welcome back message and a prompt to browse courses with Viva Learning.

Personalize your learning

Find learning content based on your interests with Viva Learning in Microsoft Teams.

Viva is built into Microsoft 365 and Teams

Empower your workforce with the apps and experiences employees rely on every day to connect, collaborate, and get work done from anywhere.

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