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Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva Learning

Empower employees to grow and develop their professional skills in the flow of work.1
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Viva Learning platform: Search, courses, management, featured content, interests, productivity, and recommendations

Discover, share, and prioritize learning

  • Track assignments, recommendations, completions, and learning collections in the My Learning view.
    Viva Learning dashboard with course titles, durations, assigned, recommended, and bookmarked items
  • Book dedicated time for employee learning directly in Outlook with the Add to Calendar feature.
     Leading Remote Projects and Virtual Teams. Date: 6th Jan 2023. Time: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM. Related courses available
  • Create, discover, and share structured content with learning paths and collections.
    Viva Learning: Thriving remotely. 1 of 8 completed. Leading Diverse Teams and Organizations on Coursera
  • See system-generated suggestions that surface content based on learner interests and trending content.
    Viva Learning: Serena, Remote Office Productivity, Assigned Tasks, Recommended Courses, Inclusion Interests
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Empower employees to learn and grow

Inspire a positive employee-focused learning culture.

Accelerate growth with a virtual learning companion

Copilot in Viva video
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Get the full value of Viva Learning

Upgrade to the Viva suite to access the full Viva Learning experience, including integrations, reporting, academies, and other features.5
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Viva Learning in Microsoft 365
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Viva Learning in the Viva suite
Content connections

Access SharePoint, Microsoft Learn, Microsoft 365 courses, and a selection of LinkedIn Learning courses.

Learning organization
Assignment syncing
Metrics tracking
Content discovery

Viva plans and pricing

Microsoft Viva Learning

(Annual commitment)
Price does not include VAT.
  • Connect your learning providers and LMS
  • Recommend learning and track completion
  • Discover learning content across Microsoft Search
  • Curate content in learning paths and academies

Microsoft Viva Suite

(Annual commitment)
Price does not include VAT.

Everything in Viva Learning, plus:

  • Unique, company-branded employee apps4
  • Premium community, knowledge, and leadership experiences
  • Centralized campaign management for communications6
  • Data-driven insights for managers and leaders
  • Feedback surveys with actionable recommendations
  • Brief team surveys for managers and leads6
  • Strategic prioritization and goal alignment
  • AI-generated insights and prompts with Copilot in Viva (coming soon)

Try a demo of Viva Learning

See how Viva Learning can help you establish a culture of learning.

Access content across the learning ecosystem

Integrate with an expanding set of learning content providers and learning management systems.
Microsoft learn
Microsoft 365 Training
Linkedin learning

Implementation and support

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Get started using Viva Learning in your organization.

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Start your Viva Learning adoption journey today.

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Find Viva Learning help and employee learning content.


Frequently asked questions

  • Contact your Microsoft representative to add Viva to your existing enterprise subscription. 

    Not an existing customer? 
  • Microsoft Learn is just one of many content sources that Viva Learning can provide access to in Microsoft Teams. Other sources include third party providers, learning management systems, and organization-specific content. All Viva Learning users will be able to access the full Microsoft Learn library in Viva Learning.
  • Customers get access to a selection of 300+ courses from LinkedIn Learning and the full library of Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 trainings with Viva Learning. If they have active subscriptions with LinkedIn Learning or other learning partners, those full content libraries will also be available.
  • Viva Learning aggregates learning content from host systems (such as LMS providers) into a single hub for employee learning directly in Teams and across Microsoft 365. With social learning features built in, Viva Learning brings employee learning into the flow of work to maximize employee engagement and productivity.
  • Yes. While the central hub for Viva Learning is in Teams, Microsoft is also incorporating learning experiences through Viva Learning into the rest of Microsoft 365. For example, learning items will show up in Microsoft Search across SharePoint, Bing, and
  • Upgrading beyond the M365-included version of Viva Learning in Teams unlocks several powerful features to enhance your culture of learning. With these licenses, you can connect your LMS to sync assignments and aggregate content from internal and external sources. Additionally, you gain access to critical admin capabilities such as learning adoption reports, content featuring, and learning academy curation.
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Get started

Add Viva to your Microsoft 365 plan

Contact your Microsoft representative to add Viva to your existing enterprise subscription. 

Not an existing customer? 
  1. [1]
    Viva Learning is not intended to be used by children or students. Viva Learning licenses should only be assigned to individuals who are at least 18 years of age. This includes licenses for Microsoft Viva for faculty, Viva Learning for faculty, Microsoft Viva with Glint add-on for faculty, Microsoft 365 A3—unattended license for faculty, Microsoft 365 A3 for faculty, Microsoft 365 A5 for faculty, Microsoft 365 A5 with calling minutes for faculty, Microsoft 365 A5 without audio conferencing for faculty, Office 365 A1 for faculty, Office 365 A1 for faculty (for device), Office 365 A1 Plus for faculty, Office 365 A3 for faculty, Office 365 A5 for faculty, Office 365 A5 with calling minutes for faculty, Office 365 A5 without audio conferencing for faculty, Office 365 Education E1 for faculty, Office 365 Education E3 for faculty, and Office 365 Education for Homeschool for faculty, which should only be assigned to an institution's adult faculty and employees, and should not be assigned to students.
  2. [2]
    After your one-month free trial ends, your subscription will automatically convert into a 12-month paid subscription and you will be charged the applicable subscription fee. Cancel anytime during your free trial to stop future charges. Credit card required to sign-up. Learn more
  3. [3]
    Available in the Viva Learning desktop app.
  4. [4]
    Microsoft Teams license required.
  5. [5]
    Accessing premium features requires a Viva Learning or Viva suite license. 
  6. [6]
    Microsoft Teams-integrated features require a Teams license to enable but can be used without Teams via web or other in-app experiences.

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