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A top-down view of a person using the touchscreen on a laptop that is displaying emails in Outlook. Two people having a conversation and looking at a Word document on a laptop. A spell check recommendation for the word “publically”.

Spell check with confidence

Learn how to improve your writing with an online spell checker and get tips, resources, and spelling best practices.

Write with clarity

An online spell checker helps you express your ideas and communicate with confidence.

Proofread for spelling errors

Impress others by handing in work with accurate spelling and word choice. Learn writing essentials for beginners.

Polish your work documents

Make sure that your professional presentations, website copy, and print materials are error-free.

Create an impressive resume

Stand out to potential employers by delivering a clear and concise resume without spelling errors.

Save time and energy

Finish and send documents sooner with peace of mind that your writing doesn’t have spelling and grammatical errors.

Learn how to use an online spell checker

See how to check your writing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, formality, and inclusiveness.

A misspelling in a draft on Gmail being corrected by Microsoft Editor.

Get help with spelling basics

Use an online spell checker to highlight errors and make spelling suggestions.

In-text citations being added into a Word document using Microsoft Editor for a presentation.

Present your work with confidence

Create and deliver papers, reports, and presentations that are error-free.

A grammatical suggestion being made in a draft in Gmail by Microsoft Editor.

Sharpen your writing

Get tips on ways to improve your writing so you can present your ideas with confidence.

A suggestion about concise language being made in a draft in Gmail by Microsoft Editor.

Choose the right words

Get grammar help to make sure your writing is free of clichés, vague or unnecessary words, and slang.

A bias-related suggestion being made by Editor in a draft on Gmail.

Write for every audience

Use an online spelling and grammar checker to make sure your writing is free of bias.

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Read more about creating better papers and emails

Improve the readability of your writing, eliminate grammar mistakes, and present polished papers to your teachers and colleagues.

A person lying on a couch using a pen and tablet.

Six tips for writing better

You can improve both your career and personal life with good writing.

A person using Outlook on a laptop to view a New Year's Eve invitation.

Five ways to be more professional over email

Follow these five simples—yet highly effective—strategies to be more professional.

A person using a mobile phone at their desk

How to improve your email writing skills

These tips will help you improve your email writing skills.

Ready to try Editor?

Improve your writing across school papers, presentations, email, and the web with a spelling checker from Microsoft Editor.

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Grammar Check

Frequently asked questions

  • An online spelling checker scans your documents and offers suggestions for spelling, grammar, and stylistic issues.

  • A spelling checker improves your writing by highlighting misspelled words and suggesting correct spellings. A spelling checker like Microsoft Editor makes it easy.

  • A spelling checker proofreads your document for spelling and grammar issues, punctuation, and other language rules.

  • A spelling checker like Microsoft Editor can improve your writing by making corrections and refinements to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style.

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