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Microsoft 365

Task management in Microsoft 365

Easily manage tasks across Microsoft 365

Access and update your tasks as you work, no matter which app you’re using.

See your tasks where you work

Stay focused and productive wherever you go. See your tasks across your lists as you move between apps and devices.

Track and manage

Manage tasks and work with Microsoft 365

  • Teams


  • Outlook


  • To Do

    To Do

  • Planner


  • Word


  • Excel


  • PowerPoint


Stay on top of all your tasks

View all your tasks from Microsoft To Do and Microsoft Planner with Tasks in Microsoft Teams. Plus, create tasks from Teams messages and publish tasks from corporate to frontline workers.

A tablet displaying Tasks in Teams.

Convert emails to tasks

Flag emails or drag them into the Microsoft To Do pane to create and manage tasks directly in Outlook for the web.

Focus on what matters

Keep track of individual tasks in Microsoft To Do using intelligent features to collect, prioritize, and accomplish what’s most important.

Two mobile phones displaying planned tasks in different colored themes.

Get more work done as a team

Manage team tasks with Planner. Build Kanban boards, add content-rich tasks, get visual status, and collaborate within Planner or Tasks in Microsoft Teams.

Collaborate on shared Microsoft 365 documents

Use @mentions within comments in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create and assign tasks.1 Receive an email notification when you’re assigned a task, see a preview of the document, and reply directly from Outlook.

A tablet displaying an employee onboarding checklist in Word and multiple people collaborating on the document in real time through the comments.

Get the most out of task management in Microsoft 365

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Get best-in-class productivity and task management apps with intelligent cloud services that transform the way you work with Microsoft 365.

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[1] Available now on Word for the web and Excel for the web.

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