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If you buy hardware and software for a business or organization, we’re here to set you up for success. You may not have time to keep up with all the latest technology- but we do. So you can rely on us to deliver the latest and greatest.

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Save time and money with the right tools for your small business. From software and computers to devices that go everywhere you do, our innovative collection can help you tackle your largest (and smallest) tasks of the day.

Designed with all that you do in mind, our small business computers, tablet devices, software solutions and accessories give you the power to connect on your terms – and do more everywhere. Just a few of the types of tools that can help you take care of business include:

Tablets: The Surface collection delivers multi-functional small business devices that can go everywhere you do. Featuring crystal-clear touchscreen displays, detachable keyboards, versatile styluses and the ability to run your favourite software, they make presentations, communications and working on the go so easy.

PC Accessories: Created – and curated – to help you run your business your way, our collection of accessories includes state-of-the-art monitors, intuitive mice, standard, ergonomic and fold-up keyboards, plus sturdy bags, stylish sleeves and stylus pens that make it easy to write on electronic documents.

At the Microsoft Store, devices and software for small businesses is one of our specialties. Because our team of experts understands your needs, we can help you find the right technology to meet them – and grow with you. For more information about any of our small business solutions, you can start a video chat, start a text chat or call us at 0800 026 0061.