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Microsoft AI / Responsible AI

Principles and

We’re committed to making sure AI systems are developed responsibly and in ways that warrant people’s trust.

The Microsoft Responsible AI Standard

Explore Microsoft internal guidance on how to design, build, and test AI systems.

Responsible AI in action

  • How might an AI system allocate opportunities, resources, or information in ways that are fair to the humans who use it?
  • How might the system function well for people across different use conditions and contexts, including ones it was not originally intended for?
  • How might the system be designed to support privacy and security?
  • How might the system be designed to be inclusive of people of all abilities?
  • How might people misunderstand, misuse, or incorrectly estimate the capabilities of the system?
  • How can we create oversight so that humans can be accountable and in control?

The Microsoft Responsible AI Standard

Explore the playbook we use for building AI systems responsibly.

How Microsoft implements responsible AI

Explore how Microsoft empowers employees across the organization to be champions of responsible AI.
  • We set rules for enacting responsible AI and clearly define roles and responsibilities for teams involved.
  • We foster readiness to adopt responsible AI practices, both within our company and with our customers and partners.
  • Review of sensitive use cases helps ensure our responsible AI principles are upheld in our work.
  • We work to shape new laws and standards to help ensure that the promise of AI is realized for society at large.
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Transparency Notes

See information about the intended uses and capabilities of Microsoft AI services.

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