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Tools and practices

Evaluate, understand, and make informed decisions about your AI systems.
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Featured tools and processes

Discover tools that can help your organization map, measure, and manage AI risks throughout the development cycle to reduce the risk of harm.
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Microsoft Responsible AI Standard

Explore Microsoft internal guidance on how to design, build, and test AI systems.

AI Impact Assessment Guide

Explore Microsoft internal guidance for assessing the impact of AI.

AI Impact Assessment Template

Get the Microsoft template for assessing the impact of AI.

Human-AI Experience Toolkit

Conceptualize what an AI system will do and how it will behave with this toolkit for building human-centered AI.

Responsible AI Toolbox

Explore a suite of open-source interfaces and libraries that enable a better understanding of AI systems.

Azure AI Content Safety

Automatically detect and filter unsafe content in generative AI prompts and outputs for your application.

Microsoft Purview

Safeguard and manage compliance of data in AI tools and systems.
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Responsible AI Toolbox

Access a suite of open-source tools designed to help you assess, develop, and deploy AI responsibly.
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AI for Leaders

Learn how to drive business impact by creating an effective AI strategy in this online leadership series.

See responsible AI innovations across industries

Explore Azure AI products and services

Use built-in tools and guidance to help ensure safe, secure, and responsible AI from the start.

Azure AI Content Safety

Monitor, detect, and block potential risks, threats, and quality issues in content generated by AI and humans.

Azure AI Studio

Build, evaluate, and monitor generative AI solutions and custom copilots in a single, secure platform.

Azure Machine Learning

Use an enterprise-grade AI service for the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle.