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Microsoft for government

Achieve your mission with Microsoft.
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Help solve society’s biggest challenges

Build inclusive programs and enable thriving communities built on a foundation on security and trust.

Deliver innovation in programs and experiences

Help make public interactions with government more accessible and inclusive.

Empower the government workforce

Improve employee engagement, streamline workflows, and uncover actionable insights.

Transform operations and services

Achieve more resilient and sustainable operations.

Protect data and secure resources

Secure critical environments, protect data, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Explore solutions by sector

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Government operations and infrastructure

Deliver resilient and secure technology in an increasingly connected world.
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Public finance

Help reignite the economy and drive financial accountability.
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Public health and social services

Create vital opportunities for safety, wellness, and prosperity.
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Public safety and justice

Empower agencies, improve operations, and protect communities.

Public Sector Center of Expertise

Access thought leadership and research about government digital transformation and innovation.
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Explore how agencies are innovating

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Powered by partners

Elevate public services with offerings from the Microsoft partner ecosystem.
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Discover products for government

Explore valuable resources

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Power business decisions with cloud-scale analytics

Accelerate data-informed decision-making and enable transformative impact for the people you serve.
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• January 2024

Discover four key ways to use AI in government

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Explore the latest government blogs

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• 2024

IDC: A New Era of Tech-Empowered Cities

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Achieve more in Government

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Business Solutions Hub

Find your cloud solution

Explore the Solutions Hub to find additional solutions for your government agency’s needs.
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Achieve more with AI

Explore the latest AI innovations

Discover how to work smarter and boost productivity with AI-powered solutions.

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