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Healthcare providers

Better experiences. Better insights. Better care.
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Deliver meaningful outcomes

Accelerate innovation and improve experiences with AI-powered solutions, actionable insights, and trusted capabilities.

Create connected experiences

Connect your data and leverage AI to unlock better patient experiences.

Foster health team collaboration 

Help your team make more data driven decisions using AI to streamline workflows and automate redundant tasks.

Empower your healthcare workforce

Focus your clinicians on high-value work with AI-enabled tools that enhance productivity.

Unlock value from your health data 

Take action with your clinical and operational data to realize savings and achieve better outcomes.  

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare 

Empower your organization to create transformative healthcare experiences.
  • Engage patients in care decisions with secure, personalized experiences to help them stay engaged in their health and wellness journey.
  • Rapidly analyze data unique to each case so clinicians and patients can coordinate effectively on treatment plans for higher patient satisfaction.
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  • Add AI health bots and virtual visits into the care journey and automatically document virtual patient encounters at the point of care with Nuance DAX.
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Healthcare guided tour center

Get a digital walkthrough of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare offerings and scenarios in the guided tour center.
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See how organizations are reimagining healthcare

Protect health information

Help protect and govern sensitive health data across apps, devices, and your organization’s cloud ecosystem.

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