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Industrial metaverse

Reinvent how your organization designs, builds, and operates products in the industrial metaverse.
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People and AI working together

Drive impact across products, processes, and places.

Build data foundations

Modernize your technology estate to secure, manage, and govern industrial data and infrastructure.

Accelerate product innovation

Amplify product design and commercialization with virtual assets, processes, and real-time data.

Optimize industrial processes

Use real-time operational data and AI to increase visibility, utilization, and throughput.

Empower frontline workers

Enable worker productivity with immersive collaboration, training, and remote support experiences.

Industrial metaverse across industries

Advance industrial transformation in manufacturing, mobility, energy, consumer goods, healthcare, and defense.
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Build resilient supply chains and intelligent factories within machinery, chemicals, and high tech.
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Design new solutions faster and more efficiently within automotive, travel, transportation, and logistics.
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Energy and resources

Advance to net zero while increasing productivity and profitability.
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Life sciences

Drive R&D innovation in life sciences, medical devices, and biotechnology.
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Consumer goods

Build brand loyalty and pioneer sustainable products.
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Defense and intelligence

Accelerate aircraft design and optimize military operations.

See innovation across industries

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Explore partner solutions

Accelerate innovation and time to value with offerings from the Microsoft partner ecosystem.
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Explore Microsoft products

Explore valuable resources

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• January 2024

Industrial Transformation in the Era of AI

The industrial metaverse is a transformative catalyst for manufacturing. Learn what makes this such an exciting time.
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• September 2023

Learn how organizations are adopting private wireless and MEC solutions.

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• November 2023

Transforming frontlines with AI and mixed reality

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• August 2023

Accelerate future manufacturing transformation

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Achieve more in the industrial metaverse

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Find out about Azure solutions

Ensure your data and infrastructure is AI ready.
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Business Solutions Hub

Find your cloud solution

Explore the Business Solutions Hub to find additional solutions for your unique business needs.

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